Coin Master does not give me the Spins for inviting friends: Solution

If there is a game that represents the “social” category, it is definitely Coin Master. A game that invites you to be with your Facebook friends, build a team to support each other, enter the app’s large communities on their social networks to meet other players and much more.

But if at any point you come to wonder “why does Coin Master not give me spins for inviting friends” you will probably feel frustrated thinking about all the benefits you could be missing out on. So that you don’t get this problem again, check out these possible reasons to find out how you can fix it.

coin master does not give me the spins for inviting friends

Why doesn’t coin master give me the spins for inviting friends?


You already invited 180 friends

If you were looking to have a lot of friends just to win the Coin Master 40 free spins bonus for each of them, let us tell you that the game will only allow you to invite 180 and even, of those you will only be able to see 151 in your contact list within of the game to send and request gifts.

You have a guest account

Although the friends you invite do not necessarily need to be on your Facebook, if you are playing as a guest, the ones you have connected to your account will not appear. The best thing is always to connect with your social network and thus also avoid losing your progress.

You have not given permissions to the app

This is the most common problem that prevents you from inviting friends to Coin Master and many of us ignore it. But you will see, when you link your game to Facebook you must give it certain permissions so that the game can also access your friends list and thus also take them to your contact list within the game and if you invite new people the list can be updated within the app.

What can you do to invite friends

Sometimes you may have given these permissions as soon as you downloaded and connected the accounts, but with updates it may ask you to do it again. For this, just follow these steps:

  1. Open Facebook on your device and go to the “Settings” menu and click on the menu button.
  2. Look for the “Account Settings”option and within it, enter “Applications”
  3. Click on the first option, “Signed in with Facebook”and look for the Coin Master icon.
  4. You will see the “Delete”option in front of the icon , select it and then open the game again.
  5. Now you will see that the app will ask you to access your Facebook again and grant it the necessary permissions


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