8 ways to win free spins on Coin Master

In Coin Master you need to earn coins to improve your village and attack players. To get more coins, you must make spins on a slot machine. There are several methods to get free spins on Coin Master , and some require a few extra steps. Here are 8 different ways to get free spins.

1. Wait one or several hours

At Coin Master , every hour you will receive five free spins. If you go ten hours straight without making spins , you will receive the maximum number of spins you can have at any given time: 50! Therefore, it is a question of patience.

Tip: log out of the game, do something else, and come back after a few hours. This way you will have many accumulated spins and opportunities to obtain many coins at once. Patience is key!

2. Use SpinLink or other applications

There are different applications in the Play Store and App Store that are specific to give free spins and various prizes. Of the options out there, SpinLink (Android) is one of the best! This application allows you to get more spins through daily links, in addition to other rewards. With any luck, it is possible to get dozens of free spins. Also, if one day you don’t enter SpinLink, you can claim the prizes the next day!

If you’d rather try other apps, take a look at these:

  • Pig Master for Android
  • Spin Rewards for Android
  • CM Rewards for Android
  • CM Rewards for iOS

3. Earn the Spins Boost

Among other items that are in the rolls, there is an object in the form of a blue capsule. If you manage to line up 3 in a single round, you will win extra free spins ! It is difficult to achieve, of course, but not impossible.

4. Steal from Coin Master

In the machine, one of the figures is a thieving pig. If you manage to line up three at the same time, you will be taken to Coin Master’s villa . On this screen you will see four places you can dig, but you only have three chances. If you’re lucky, you can dig three prize holes and win a tremendous fortune!

5. Attack other players

When it is time to attack a player, you will have to choose one of the buildings to attack. They may or may not be protected by shields. If they aren’t, this is your chance to win big! Even so, if you attack them, even protected buildings can give you a small amount of coins.

6. Connect your Facebook account to the game

You will get 50 Free Spins just for linking the Coin Master account with Facebook! Of course, we recommend first spending all the free spins you have at the moment, before linking accounts. This way you will not lose any free spins. After that, connect the beads, and good luck with the spins!

7. Invite your Facebook friends

After connecting the game to the social network, the next step is to invite your friends on Facebook. Of course, it will only work if:

  1. They accept the invitation.
  2. They download the game.
  3. They connect the Facebook account with the game.

For every friend who completes these three steps, you will get 40 free spins !

8. Send and receive print runs

When you have friends in the game, it is possible to send and receive spins. The great thing about this feature is that when you give away spins, they are not subtracted from your current sum of free spins. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to get up to 100 free spins every day. Take advantage of it and do not hesitate both to give away prints and to ask for them.

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