35 best free games on Steam to enjoy in 2021

Discover in this guide the best free games for Steam, updated for the year 2021. We tackle different genres, from shooting games and MMOs to strategy and racing. We introduce you to the games in which your skill is much more important than your portfolio. Nobody wants the infamous pay to win , where the one with the most money wins!

Dota 2

Download Dota 2 on Steam .

A game in constant evolution, this MOBA has a large community made up of players from all over the world. Dota 2 is not an easy game to master. You need to adapt to different tactics and spend a lot of time learning the optimal skills and equipment for your characters.

Dota 2 is rich in detail and possibilities. This MOBA is very competitive, fluid and with a strong strategic component, so it is not surprising to see a tournament as big as The International. If you are looking for a game of this genre, to fight in a 5 against 5 with unique and fun to control champions, take a look at Dota 2!


Download Warframe on Steam .

An intense game, with spectacular graphics and full of action. Warframe is a fantastic game, perfect for those who want to test their skills and love to loot items. As a space warrior, your goal will be to upgrade your exoskeleton armor, collecting resources and clearing stages.

You will have to go through scenarios full of enemies using all kinds of movements and complete missions as if you were a futuristic ninja. All the action happens on different planets and you can play alone or with friends. Warframe is an immense game in which it will take time to master and improve your character, weapons and abilities. It may sound like a long way to go, but it’s satisfying and fun!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Download Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Steam .

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known simply as CS: GO, is one of the best shooting games of all time. Every game, each and every round feels tense, especially when you’re the last one standing on your team. Whether it’s planting or defusing a bomb, rescuing hostages, or eliminating enemies with every weapon in the game, you can’t get bored!

CS: GO has a good array of weapons, each with its own unique behavior and damage. Sound is an important factor, as it is better to move silently than to reveal your position while running. Playing this game is fun, although the downside to the free version is that you can’t play against those who have purchased the game. This does not mean that it is no longer a bad option!

Apex legends

Download Apex Legends on Steam .

Within the Battle Royale genre , Apex Legends is one of the most addictive games you can play today. It offers you an action experience without brakes and places you in scenarios with a remarkable verticality. Enemies can come from anywhere, and that is why it is best to have a good squad of friends to cover your back.

To unlock characters and skins , you will have to play several games until you accumulate enough virtual money. Despite this, Apex Legends is an impeccable title with very good gameplay, in which each weapon, item and character ability will help you achieve victory. Choose your favorite character, and eliminate the rest of the players!

Destiny 2

Download Destiny 2 on Steam .

Destiny 2 is an immense game that we must be grateful for for its passage through Steam. If you love shooters , good stories, great graphics, and cooperative and competitive games, you will be 100% right if you bet on Destiny 2! In it, you choose one of the three classes and embark on a long journey, full of dangers and mysteries to solve.

Although you can play it completely alone, it is really very enjoyable in company or facing other players. Take your time to develop the character, complete missions and obtain the best possible equipment. As a looter shooter , you need to spend a lot of time but luckily you enjoy every step. Especially with such good gameplay!

Team Fortress 2

Download Team Fortress 2 on Steam .

Team Fortress 2 is a team shooting game, an FPS that contains RPG elements, mainly due to the class system and the attributes of each weapon. In each game, the red and blue team must choose attack, defense and support characters, as well as work in a coordinated way. No plan will be successful if everyone goes on their own!

As you can see, Team Fortress 2 has cartoon-like graphics, with a charismatic, expressive and crazy atmosphere. There are different competitive game modes and, from time to time, you can enjoy cooperative modes, in special events. Prepare your weapons, and defend that checkpoint!

Path of Exile

Download Path of Exile on Steam .

Path of Exile is a game inspired by Diablo , Blizzard’s famous action RPG. Many say that this game is what Diablo 3 should have been. It is demanding, with large amounts of missions to complete and scenarios to explore. If that is not enough, the creators do not stop releasing new expansions, bosses to defeat and abilities for your characters. Path of Exile is a non-stop of content!

You will start out as an Exile and as you survive you will improve your attributes and gain powerful weapons and magic. The talent tree is huge, to the point that characters from the same class can be wildly different. Path of Exile is a game that adapts well to the way you play. Ranged, Mage, Melee, Tank, Fire, Ice, Poison, everything!

Crusader Kings II

Download Crusader Kings II on Steam .

Crusader Kings II became free to play since 2019, which is a delight for strategy lovers! It is one of the best games from the Paradox developer company. It allows us to play between the years 1066 to 1453 and the strategic possibilities are abundant.

Decide on a Lord and expand your feudal domain. Fight wars, negotiate with other rulers, and try to keep your offspring intact. A nobleman can betray you at any time, so be vigilant in Crusader Kings II! If you love the genre, try this game.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Download Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links on Steam .

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is a game that no fan of the series and card games should miss. It has a lot of content for one player and online multiplayer, including crossplay . Be your favorite character, create a powerful deck of cards and fight in spectacular duels with monsters represented in 3D.

War thunder

Download War Thunder on Steam .

War Thunder is a military action game set in battles from World War II to the Cold War. It contains nothing more and nothing less than about 1800 vehicles and dozens of maps in which to fight against other players. Each game takes place on land, air and sea, depending on the map, and the objective is simple: destroy the enemy!

In addition to having powerful multiplayer and dozens of active players, War Thunder also offers single-player content. Take part in historical battles and win victory for your side. You will enjoy incredible graphics and sound, and good gameplay with touches of simulation and realism.


Download Smite on Steam .

Mixing different mythologies with the MOBA genre can only go well. And more than good! Smite is a great game that has nothing to envy others like DOTA 2 or League of Legends, with its more than 100 gods. Not only does it have the classic way of destroying the enemy base, but it also has others like the Arena, in which we fight non-stop against enemy gods.

Another detail that attracts many players is the control of the character. Instead of a top view, we move the character in third person, controlling the camera around him. Therefore, it also feels like an action RPG. If you don’t like clicking all over the map, Smite is an excellent option!


Download Brawlhalla on Steam .

Legendary warriors from around the world come together in an aggressive tournament to find out who is the best. In addition to punching and kicking, Brawlhalla allows swords, spears and bombs, among other weapons. In this game, you will find characters reminiscent of mythologies and other video games, in combat similar to Super Smash Bros.

There are both team and solo modes, all very fun and where it is possible to face players from all over the planet. The animated graphics are very striking and the pace is frenetic, not suitable for the slow ones, but for the most clever and skilled. Prove that you are the best warrior!

Albion Online

Download Albion on Steam .

Albion Online is a very varied MMORPG that allows you to play in different ways. There is no preset class and the economy is managed by the players themselves. Therefore, you have complete freedom to be whoever you want: a fighter, a merchant, a farmer, an explorer, whatever!

Interaction between players is important, whether it’s to meet your own goals or help your friends with their goals. You can enjoy the game fighting left and right, but also relax with your farm and grow different foods. When it comes to buying or selling, negotiating is crucial. Don’t let them take advantage of you!

Fallout shelter

Download Fallout Shelter on Steam .

Fallout Shelter puts a twist on the saga to give us a simulation, survival and resource management experience. You will be in charge of a shelter where a community lives eager to grow and survive. As the manager of the place, you will have to expand the shelter, go out to get materials and food, and defend the people from attacks. Take good care of the community!

Conqueror’s Blade

Download Conqueror’s Blade on Steam .

Conqueror’s Blade is a tactical action MMO in which you take on the role of a warlord or lady of war. The mission is to conquer or defend fortifications, making use of siege machinery, armies and your own character. In addition to fighting, you will also have to manage resources and your castle, in a changing world where peace is rarely lasting.

World of Tanks Blitz

Download World of Tanks Blitz on Steam .

World of Tanks Blitz is a 7v7 multiplayer game where the team that destroys the other wins. It sounds simple, but the game contains much more than just PvP matches. There are hundreds of tanks to choose from, belonging to different factions. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and you can upgrade your vehicle to be even more deadly.

There are more than twenty combat scenarios, which enriches the experience. The maps have different item placements and are set in different places. Each one allows tackling tactics that can be more or less effective. It all depends on the coordination of the players and the skill with the tank. Don’t let your guard down!

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Download Star Wars: The Old Republic on Steam .

In Star Wars games, this MMORPG is one of the best you can enjoy, especially if you are passionate about the old canon. Star Wars: The Old Republic offers you the possibility to be a character on the light / dark side and experience incredible stories. Be a Jedi, Sith, mercenary or smuggler, among more options, and leave your mark in the time of the old republic!

To enjoy all the content of Star Wars: The Old Republic, it is necessary to pay a subscription. However, the game in its free to play version offers enough content to entertain you for many hours.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Download Gwent: The Witcher Card Game on Steam .

Gwent first appeared in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as a card minigame, and loved it so much that it expanded into a separate title! Gwent is an accessible card game with interesting dynamics. Two players face off in three rounds and try to have the highest possible attack score. There are many ways to achieve that!

You can build different types of decks based on factions, each with its own selection of characters and creatures. It is important to balance the effects and create a coherent deck that allows you to score high, while taking points away from the opponent. Strategy is vital, as luck is only one factor at Gwent.


Download Unturned on Steam .

Don’t be fooled by the simple, cubic graphics! In this game with a similar appearance to Minecraft, you will need to survive an immense horde of zombies, using weapons of all kinds and a lot of intelligence.

In Unturned, you will collect different resources, whether it is by planting, fishing or facing the dangers of nature. This game gives you the possibility to play cooperatively with other players, or fight against them in a Battle Royale mode . In conclusion, this game is a real challenge cubed!

Phantasy Star Online 2

Download Phantasy Star Online 2 on Steam .

Phantasy Star Online 2, a spectacular action MMORPG, landed on Steam in 2020. Now users of this platform can enjoy a game loaded with content, thanks to the incessant work of the developers. The setting is futuristic, and the action is in real time. The battles are a feast of attacks and effects!

Phantasy Star Online 2 offers a good variety of scenarios, classes, races, and fighting styles. It allows you to be creative in the way you fight and cooperate with your friends to defeat fearsome enemies. Travel to different planets with other companions and take on hundreds of missions that only the best soldiers can complete.


Download Paladins on Steam .

Choose an elf, sorceress, goblin or other mystical race and fight in intense matches. Paladins is a challenging FPS, where you will use original weapons and devastating magic, controlling characters very different from each other and with a specific role.

In addition to being able to choose different characters, the game has a card system to modify their abilities. You can increase some attributes or add functionalities to a power. Thanks to this, Paladins allows you to find your own style with a champion made for you. A great alternative to Blizzard’s Overwatch!

RaceRoom Racing Experience

Download RaceRoom Racing Experience on Steam .

There aren’t many free options available on Steam when it comes to racing games, but here’s a good game! RaceRoom Racing Experience is an excellent car simulator with a good repertoire of vehicles and official competitions. Bet on the realism of driving; yes, it is also accessible to all types of players, from the newest to the experienced.

It is possible to play RaceRoom Racing Experience in multiplayer or solo, and if you have a virtual reality headset, the game supports VR mode!


Download Trove on Steam .

Trove is another game with an appearance reminiscent of Minecraft, but is much more focused on action. The main purpose of the game is to get together with other players and venture into dungeons full of treasures and enemies. The scenarios are destructible and it is important to find better equipment to face greater challenges.

For players who prefer to have time to relax, you can build your own house and even entire worlds with your friends. Trove gives you free rein to be creative with what you find, so don’t put limits on your imagination!

DCS World Steam Edition

Download DCS World Steam Edition on Steam .

Similar to War Thunder, DCS World Steam Edition is a combat simulator that goes through land, air and sea. The free version does not offer as much content as one would like, but it does allow us to experience realistically the handling of different types of vehicles. The models are represented with complete fidelity, both on the outside and inside as well as their control. You can move as you please through a vast stage. Start your engines, and have a good time!

Doki Doki Literature Club!

Download Doki Doki Literature Club! on Steam .

Doki Doki Literature Club! is a visual novel in English that hides more than one surprise. At first glance it seems like a funny story in which you meet several girls from a school. You talk to them, you make decisions, and everything is like normal life. Or maybe not?

Without telling you much, Doki Doki Literature Club! it is a tense tale of psychological terror. It can get repetitive and is brief, but the experience is, without a doubt, unforgettable.

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

Download Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms on Steam .

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is a single player game that mixes RPG elements with strategy. It belongs to the idle games genre , which is a very particular one where you will not need to interact much with the game. You will only have to make a few preparations, and observe the result of your (little) effort!

Create an army and lead it through dozens of adventures. Recruit, upgrade and modify the characters. Each one has different abilities and roles, so the formation of the heroes is very important. Although the game does not ask for much from you, it is advisable to take time to think strategically and prepare your army in the best possible way.


Download Crossout on Steam .

Crossout is a post apocalyptic car game, but not a racing game! It is a fighting game in which, instead of fighters or soldiers on foot, we ride in modified war vehicles armed to the teeth. Crossout is pure PvP, with massive battlefields serving as the stage for each skirmish.

As you progress, you can create the perfect war machine by swapping parts. There are weapons of all kinds such as rocket launchers, drones or drones. To protect yourself and avoid being destroyed, you can also apply armor and support systems. To survive, you need to watch your 360º, so any extra protection is appreciated!

RISK: Global Domination

Download RISK: Global Domination on Steam .

If you and your friends love RISK but can’t meet in person, this alternative is great! RISK: Global Domination is an impressive version of the game that has everything you need to catch fans of the board game. You can even play with different rules and modalities, which helps RISK never get repetitive.

theHunter Classic

Download theHunter Classic on Steam .

theHunter Classic is a hunting game that takes you to different parts of the world to prove your worth as a hunter. There are several species to track and find in varied environments and changing climates. It includes a day and night cycle, so you should study each species and know when is the best time to go after it. You can play it alone or cooperatively!

BLEACH Brave Souls

Download BLEACH Brave Souls on Steam .

BLEACH Brave Souls is an action game based on the popular manga and anime that allows you to handle many of the characters in the series. Its gameplay is simple, but enough to hook you and invite you to relive great Bleach moments. Form a team of three characters and, if you prefer, play with or against other friends. Give it a try if you’re a Bleach fan!

Fishing Planet

Download Fishing Planet on Steam .

Fishing Planet is the perfect video game if you love fishing but don’t feel like going out. It is a very well accomplished fishing simulator, developed by fishing enthusiasts. That ensures the quality! The species to fish, the vehicles, the behavior of the water and the physics of the game, the graphics … Everything exudes excellence in this relaxing game that you can enjoy with other players.

Minion masters

Download Minion Masters on Steam .

Minion Masters is a strategy game that mixes tower defense elements with card games. Build your deck and play 1vs1 or 2vs2 in games that last just a few minutes. The objective is clear: destroy the enemy tower! To do this, you have to know how to anticipate the opponent’s movements and use the available cards at the right time.

Unfortunate Spacemen

Download Unfortunate Spacemen on Steam .

A free Among Us for PC, with lots of action and good graphics? That’s Unfortunate Spacemen! The astronauts in this game struggle to survive and be rescued, but the situation awaits a surprise: there is a monster lurking. One of the players will be able to impersonate others to deceive and thwart escape plans. Sometimes many enemies arise; luckily the astronauts are well armed!

Gems of War – Puzzle RPG

Download Gems of War – Puzzle RPG on Steam .

Gems of War is a “Match 3” game in which you must fight heroes and creatures while matching gems. It is a simple game, without many pretensions and that works very well to play a few afternoons. The RPG aspect of the game is not very rich or deep, but it is advisable to equip your characters well and exploit the opponent’s weaknesses well.


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