Is kindle unlimited worth it?

Is kindle unlimited worth it?What is “Kindle Unlimited”? Do you need a Kindle device to enjoy the books?

It is a great service that allows you to read books online without limits and from any device.

I’ve recently been reviewing the 30-day free trial, and my thoughts come down to one idea – it’s worth it.

You can read books of romance, science fiction, mystery and more …

And best of all, you don’t need the famous Kindle device to read the books.

  • If you are from Spain, register here .
  • If you are from another country, register here .

In fact, the name of this service has generated some confusion, because many people think that in order to read the books they need to buy a Kindle Paperwhite.

This is not like this!

To be able to read the more than 1 million books that they offer you, you only need to register and download the free Kindle APP.

If you are a fan of a story like the popular Harry Potter, you can relive it by reading his books as many times as you want.

Also, if you like to read but never really know which book to read or what the recommended news are, Kindle Unlimited helps you by giving you recommendations for new books , which you can read with just one click.

Is kindle unlimited worth it?How to get started for free?

Step 1: Get started on Kindle Unlimited with your Amazon account.

To enjoy the books, you need to have an Amazon account ( if you are from Spain and if you are from another country).

If you are from Spain, register for free here .

If you are from another country, register for free here .

If you don’t have an account, don’t worry , you can create it very easily in 1 or 2 minutes and totally free.

Amazon allows you to enjoy the readings for 30 days totally free, in this way, try the service and see if it is for you or not.

When you register you will have to enter your credit card.

Thus, after 30 days, Amazon will make the first payment. But don’t worry because if you unsubscribe before the 30 days have elapsed, you will not be charged.

Step 2: Find your favorite books!

  • You can find a wide catalog of books, in English, French, German and Spanish.
  • To filter your search by language, simply click where it says “advanced search”and then select “spanish” if you only want to see books in Spanish.
  • You can also filter by subject, for example, science fiction, self-help, humor, romance, history, fantasy, and many more.

Step 3: If you’re on a computer, download Kindle for Windows or Mac for free. If you’re on iPhone, download it here , and if you’re on Android here .

If you are not sure how to use this APP, click here for more information.

What is the price?

The price of this service is ridiculous for the hours of culture and fun that it will offer you.

If you decide to continue your subscription after the first 30 days for free, the price is only 9.99 euros / dollars per month.

How does Kindle Unlimited work?

All you have to do is look for books in the Kindle Store that are “tagged” with an icon that identifies them so they can be read on Kindle Unlimited.

What I liked the most is that you can read on your computer using the Kindle app and then continue reading on your mobile, on the same page where you stayed the last time.

What disadvantages does it have?

The main disadvantage of this service is related, paradoxically, to one of its main advantages.

This is: the immense amount of catalog of books available.

Reading a book takes time, reader commitment and being able to find those quiet moments that allow us to read.

With SO MANY book options, you’ll feel like you don’t have enough time to read everything you want to read, and that can frustrate you at first.

For this, I recommend that you choose very well what your first readings will be and focus on reading only those books (that are not more than 2 books).

Only in this way will you get the most out of this incredible service and not get discouraged along the way.

Already signed up for Kindle Unlimited? If not … what are you waiting for?

This service is the quintessential “netflix” for reading fans.


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