How to have unlimited Giga

Do you regularly surf the Internet from your smartphone or tablet and consume a lot of Giga ? Are you always at the limit of the traffic threshold available on your SIM every month and are you afraid of incurring extra costs? If these are your concerns, you can rest assured: today I’m here to help you and explain how to have unlimited Giga .

In fact, there are tariff plans proposed by the main mobile telephone operators that allow you to have unlimited data traffic without worrying about additional costs due to exceeding the traffic thresholds. Furthermore, I will show you some possible solutions to have unlimited Giga for free, taking advantage of some special initiatives of the providers operating in Italy.

Then? Are you curious to discover the offers I have found for you? If your answer is affirmative, let’s not waste any more time: sit down comfortably and give me only a few minutes of free time, so as to carefully read all the offers of telephone operators and the advice that will help you solve your Giga problems. I just have to wish you a good read!


  • How to have unlimited Giga TIM
  • How to have unlimited Vodafone Giga
  • How to have unlimited Giga WINDTRE
  • How to have unlimited Giga Iliad
  • How to have unlimited Giga I have
  • How to have unlimited Giga Fastweb
  • How to get unlimited Giga for free

How to have unlimited Giga TIM

Let’s start this discussion starting with TIM , one of the main Italian operators. In fact, its price list also includes offers for unlimited Giga.

I refer, for example, to TIM Advance 5G Unlimited , which “puts on the plate” unlimited minutes, unlimited SMS, unlimited Giga in 5G (up to 2 Gbps in download), 250 minutes every month to call abroad + TIMmusic a 39.99 euros / month . To use TIM’s 5G network, of course, you need a device capable of connecting to this type of network and you need to be in an area that has coverage (as indicated here ). Activation is free. More info here .

If you have one or more TIM SIMs with an already active data offer and are considering the possibility of subscribing to a TIM plan on the fixed line, know that it is possible to activate the free TIM Unica option , which offers the possibility of having unlimited Giga on the SIMs. adherents. Among the TIM offers for the fixed line that can be activated for this purpose, I would like to point out the following.

  • PREMIUM FIBRA– allows you to surf the Internet without limits up to 1 Gbps and, in the case of an online subscription, call to all numbers. The offer includes the TIM Hub + modem (5 euros per month for 48 months) and activation (10 euros / month for 24 months) and, with a surcharge on the subscription fee, it is also possible to add the contents of TIMVISION Gold , TIMVISION Football and Sport , Netflix and Disney + .


  • EXECUTIVE– allows you to call and surf without limits up to the maximum download speed of 2.5 Gbps, thanks to the TIM HUB + Executive modem (5 euros / month for 48 months included) equipped with certified Wi-Fi 360. Activation is included in the price (10 euros / month for 24 months). In its ADSL / VDSL variant , Internet browsing can have a maximum download speed of 200 Mbps (based on available coverage).


I remind you that, to take advantage of TIM Unica through the aforementioned offers, however, a very specific condition must be met: the payment of the fixed line must take place with domiciliation and the payment of the participating mobile offers (up to a maximum of 6 SIMs) must be charged on the same invoice, using the TIM Automatic Top -up service . More info here .

How to have unlimited Vodafone Giga

Vodafone also offers plans with unlimited Giga. In this case I am referring to the Infinito plans , which include unlimited Internet browsing in 5G + minutes and unlimited SMS. The Vodafone Infinito plans that can be activated at the time of writing this article are the following.

  • Infinity– to the advantages I just mentioned it also adds unlimited minutes to the EU + 1,000 minutes roaming outside the EU + 200 minutes and 1 GB in non-EU roaming at a cost of 99 euros / month (instead of 36.99 euros / month ) if you choose to debit the top-ups on your credit card or current account. In the specific case of this offer, the maximum browsing speed is 2 Mbps. There is a one-off activation cost of 6.99 euros for new customers and 22.50 euros for those who are already customers. More info here .
  • Infinito Black Edition– to the advantages I mentioned in the previous lines, it also adds 1,000 minutes outside the EU + 500 minutes and 5 Giga in non-EU roaming at a cost of 99 euros / month (instead of 59.99 euros / month ) if yes opt for the debit of top-ups on your credit card or current account. This offer allows you to navigate up to the maximum speed of Vodafone 5G (based on the available coverage and the device in use). The activation costs are the same as in the previous plan. More info here .

Furthermore, those who are Vodafone customers on the fixed network can activate the Family + promotion , which at 9.99 euros / month allows you to have unlimited minutes, SMS and Giga in 5G. The offer is charged in advance and is automatically renewed every month. Activation is the same as the offers mentioned above.

If you want to take advantage of Family + but at the moment you cannot because you are not a Vodafone customer on the fixed network, you can think of subscribing to one of the following plans, and then activate Family + at a later time and also take advantage of the advantages of the latter.

Among the Vodafone offers for the fixed network that I recommend you to consider is Internet Unlimited : it includes unlimited Internet browsing at a maximum speed of 2.5 Gbps in download + calls to all national numbers + the modem equipped with Wi -Fi optimizer and free activation. In its variant Netflix Edition also includes Netflix contents , visible on two screens in Full HD and it is also possible to add a Vodafone TV at no additional cost. Interesting, right?

How to have unlimited Giga WINDTRE

Let’s now pass to WINDTRE , the operator born from the merger of Wind and Tre Italia. Like the others mentioned, it too has offers in its price list dedicated to unlimited Internet browsing in the mobile environment.

I refer to the Di più Unlimited 5G plan , which includes unlimited minutes + 200 SMS + unlimited Giga in 5G (the speed depends on the available coverage and the device in use) and 200 minutes abroad for 29.99 euros / month . Activation is free, as long as the plan remains active for at least 24 months (otherwise you have to pay 49.99 euros). The offer can be subscribed only if the debit to a current account or credit card is chosen as the payment method. More info here .

Alternatively, it is possible to take advantage of unlimited Giga on the WINDTRE SIM by subscribing to an offer for a fixed line and taking advantage of the UNLIMITED GIGA option on each WINDTRE SIM of the members of your family with a charge on the invoice.

Among the most interesting offers for this purpose I point out WINDTRE Super Fibra , which includes unlimited Internet connection up to 1 Gbps in download + unlimited and free calls to everyone, the Wi-Fi modem and 12 months of Amazon Prime and Prime Video included free.

There is also a variant for mobile customers , which can only be subscribed by those who are already WINDTRE customers on the mobile network and which allows for a discount on the fixed offer fee (as well as unlimited Giga on 3 WINDTRE SIMs).

unlimited Giga Iliad

If you are interested in having unlimited Giga with Iliad , know that at the time of writing there are no offers from this operator capable of guaranteeing unlimited navigation on the move. The most that can be done is to subscribe to a plan that has a large quantity of Giga: it is not like having unlimited Giga, but it is still an option to be evaluated.

The richest offer in terms of Giga, among those of Iliad, is Giga 120 , which costs 9.99 euros / month and includes unlimited minutes and SMS + 120 GB of navigation in 5G (depending on the device in use and coverage available). Once the Giga included is finished, it is possible to continue browsing for € 0.90 / 100 MB, subject to express consent. More info here .

Another offer to consider is Giga 80 , which costs 7.99 euros / month and includes unlimited minutes and SMS + 80 GB of navigation (in 5G, depending on the coverage available and the device in use). Also in this case, once the Giga is finished, it is possible to continue browsing for € 0.90 / 100 MB, subject to express consent. More info here .

Then there is the data-only plan Data 300 which for 13.99 euros / month offers 300 Giga in 4G +. More info here .

By activating one of the above offers, you have to face an initial cost of 9.99 euros one-off for the purchase and shipping of the SIM.

How to have unlimited Giga I have

Even ho mobile does not have a plan with unlimited Giga in its price list. However, it is possible to subscribe a couple of offers with lots of Giga at a not too high price. I’ll list them below.

  • I have a lot of data 100 Giga– as its name suggests, this plan provides 100 Giga to surf at the maximum speed of 30 Mbps at a cost of 99 euros / month .
  • I have a lot of data 200 Giga– this is the “enhanced” version of the plan mentioned above, which includes 200 Giga to surf the Internet at a speed of 60 Mbps. It costs 99 euros / month .

Both offers have a one-off activation cost of 9 euros to which you must add a cost for the first top-up of 13 euros, in the case of the plan with 100 Giga, or 20 euros, in the case of the plan with 200 Giga. The purchase of the SIM is free. More info here .

How to have unlimited Giga Fastweb

Not even Fastweb has tariff plans for the mobile offer with unlimited Giga. The only thing that is possible to do is to subscribe to one of the plans that have a large quantity of Giga, so as to avoid “running out of water” after a short time.

The Fastweb plan that is more “generous” from this point of view is Fastweb Mobile Data , which costs € 19.95 / month and “puts on the plate” 300 Giga of navigation in 5G (you need a device capable of connecting to the 5G network and you must be in an area that has such coverage). The offer can only be subscribed online, it includes Fastweb Digital Academy courses and, in addition, activation and shipping of the SIM are free. More info here .

In case you are interested in subscribing to a fixed line offer in addition to a mobile one, I would like to point out Fastweb Casa Light + Mobile NeXXt , which includes unlimited Internet browsing up to 1 Gbps in downloads + calls at 0.15 cents per minute (without connection fee), in addition to the FASTGate modem, Fastweb Digital Academy courses and a SIM with unlimited minutes for everyone, 100 SMS and at least 90 Giga in 5G. Activation is free.


How to get unlimited Giga for free

I conclude the guide by explaining how to have unlimited Giga for free . This is a concrete possibility, especially at certain times of the year.

In fact, operators, in order to attract new customers and reward the most “loyal” ones, usually give Giga as gifts to be used in well-defined periods, such as on the occasion of some holidays or the summer season . Even in the event of natural disasters (eg floods, earthquakes, etc.) or in situations of health emergencies, the providers could take special initiatives from this point of view, but we must hope that there is no need for such initiatives!

Usually, the operators themselves activate these offers automatically, then communicating everything to their customers via an informative SMS or email.

Obviously, remember that around the world there are many free hotspots that you can use to connect at no cost… even if they are not the best for privacy; in this regard I recommend using a VPN , such as NordVPN (of which you can find my review here ) and Surfshark (of which you can find my review here ) which are very simple to use and have many secure servers available.


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