How to Get Unlimited Coins in Royal Match

Get unlimited coins in Royal Match and boost your gameplay with these expert tips and tricks. Maximize your coin collection and dominate the game!

Are you a Royal Match fan and would you like to enjoy the game without limitations? Do you dream of having all the coins you need to buy power-ups, moves and reinforcements? Don’t worry! In this article you will discover how to have infinite coins in Royal Match for free in a simple and safe way.

Royal Match is not only one of the best games for Android , but it also gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world full of challenges and fun , where you can combine colorful pieces, overcome levels and obtain rewards.

Although we have already seen how to get unlimited money in Royal Match , now it is time to learn some tricks to get infinite coins and discover everything you can do with them. Are you ready? Go for it!

Tricks to have Unlimited Coins in Royal Match

In this guide, we will reveal some strategies and tricks to have infinite coins in Royal Match without having to resort to questionable methods or risking the security of your account. Of course, with the help of generators and APKs it is possible to get money and coins faster, but this could compromise the security of your account and expose you to viruses and malware.

Open an area chest or move chest

Open an area chest or move chest

This is one of the easiest ways to get infinite coins in Royal Match . This area chest is overflowing with coins, power-ups, and boosters, eagerly waiting to be unlocked once you’ve completed all the tasks in each area.

To open it, you must first complete the area’s tasks , which range from building the interior of the castle to unlocking new levels. Every action brings you closer to the chest. You can track your progress in the “Area” button on the home screen. And if you complete all the tasks, the chest will be ready to open.

But what does this magical chest contain? Coins galore! Your main reward, which will help you buy power-ups, extra lives and more . In addition, you will find explosions, rockets and wild cards to overcome difficult levels, and boosters such as star multipliers and shields to increase your performance in the game.

Right now, Royal Match has 96 areas available to complete , so imagine how many levels the game has to explore . This logically gives you the opportunity to earn infinite coins.

Complete bonus levels

Complete bonus levels

By completing bonus levels in Royal Match, you will have the opportunity to obtain a large amount of coins quickly. Currently, there are two types of bonus levels : “King’s Nightmare” and “By moves”.

The “King’s Nightmare” bonus level appears randomly as you progress through each area of ​​the game. Stay alert on the screen so you don’t miss the opportunity to earn your 50 additional coins , as you will only have 1 minute to complete it.

On the other hand, the objective of the bonus level “By movements” is to collect the greatest amount of coins by combining elements. The coins you obtain will be added directly to your inventory. Although this type of bonus level appears more sporadically, the reward it offers is highly rewarding.

Participate in special events and championships

Participate in special events and championships

Special events and championships are a great gold mine and another of the best tricks to have infinite coins in Royal Match . Like the other options, these offer the chance to earn hundreds of coins while enjoying new challenges and game mechanics. Each special event has a unique theme and mechanic, for example the “Treasure Book” event.

In this limited-time event, you’ll explore a magical book full of incredible rewards, including lots of gold. As you clear levels, you get books that add to your score. By reaching the goal of each stage, you will receive valuable rewards and advance to the next challenge .

Rewards per level of “The Treasure Book”

  • Level 7 : You will receive 300 coins to start your adventure.
  • Level 10 – You will increase your loot with an additional 400 coins.
  • Level 16 : You will get a jackpot of 1000 coins.
  • Level 19 – You will double your reward with 2000 coins.
  • Level 22 : You will fill your coffers with 5000 coins.
  • Level 25 – You will achieve victory with 10000 coins.


Now, with the championships you will also have the opportunity to fill your loot . If you meet the requirements and join a team, you will be able to compete. The team that gets the highest score will be rewarded.

Complete Sweet Pass levels

Complete Sweet Pass levels

There are two types of passes available in the game: the Free Sweet Pass and the Premium Sweet Pass. These are unlocked once you reach a certain level. The Sweet Pass is free and gives you the opportunity to obtain up to 500 coins without having to spend a single euro .

Additionally, you can collect keys and unlock various rewards with them:

  • For 4 keys: you will receive 100 coins.
  • For 12 keys: you will get 100 additional coins.
  • For 17 keys: you will win another batch of 100 coins.
  • For 27 keys: you will get 200 coins as a prize.

What Royal Match coins are for

What Royal Match coins are for

We have already said it repeatedly, but so that you are clear and know what Royal Match coins are for , we will explain it to you in detail. With these coins you can buy the following:

extra lives

At the beginning, you have 5 lives. If you lose them all, you will need to wait a while to get them back. However, with coins, you have the option to purchase additional lives . This allows you to continue playing without interruptions. And if you don’t have gold, you can enter and find out how to get infinite coins in Royal Match .

Extra moves

You start with 20 movements, which you will use in combinations of 3 equal figures. Depending on the length of the combinations you make, you will be able to get power-ups and reach the target faster . If you run out of moves, you have the option to buy more. But beware, the fees are high as the system offers 5 moves for 900 coins or more.


Reinforcements can be obtained in several ways: through chests, by completing different levels with tasks or simply by playing. You also have the option to purchase more advanced boosters , which will help you complete objectives more quickly. These boosters are available at different prices, from 1000 coins to over 3500 coins.

Reinforcement list

  • The rocket
  • The TNT
  • The ball of light
  • The royal hammer
  • The arrow
  • The Canon
  • The jester’s hat


Power-ups are earned by making combinations of 4 or more items , by opening area or movement chests, or by sweet passing. However, if you are a beginner and want to improve your gaming experience, you also have the option of purchasing them with coins.

As you will see, there are many tricks to have infinite coins in Royal Match . Now that you understand what coins are for, you will surely be eager to collect them all and become a master of the game.

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