What is Kindle Unlimited;how it works

We are going to explain what exactly Kindle Unlimited is , and also how it works and how to access its catalog. It is Amazon’s flat-rate service, in which you subscribe by paying a monthly fee of ten euros and in return you access a catalog of more than a million books to read as many as you want.

Well, not exactly the ones you want, because as we will explain there is a limit to the number of books you can have downloaded at the same time. The good news is that you won’t need a Kindle reader to access the books, as you can also do so from PCs, tablets, and mobiles through the Kindle app .

What is Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s attempt to create a kind of Netflix from books . Its operation is practically the same as streaming services, both video such as Netflix or HBO and music such as Spotify and Apple Music. You pay a flat rate, a monthly fee of 9.99 euros, and in return you have access to read all the books in the service’s catalog.

Amazon is an online store that started out precisely as a bookstore, so it’s no surprise that it pays special attention to books. In that context, it has one of the most popular e-book readers on the market in the Kindle, and its flat-rate service, in fact, is the only one that fully integrates with the company’s devices. The service arrived in Spain at the end of 2014 .

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It is important that you keep in mind that the Kindle Unlimited catalog does not cover all the books that are for sale on Amazon , but rather specific ones that you can identify when you enter their profiles because the sale options include an option with the service. Even so, there are around a million books in a catalog that is receiving news and growing.

Another feature of this service is that you can not only read on the Kindle devices that you have registered in your name. You will also be able to use any computer or mobile device, both Android and iPhone. To do this, you will only have to download the official Kindle application and through it access the books.

And finally there is the limit of simultaneous books. As you can read in the Kindle Unlimited conditions , you can only have a maximum of 10 books downloaded at a time . Therefore, when you reach that limit you will have to finish books and remove them from the device or directly abandon them and delete them in order to download others.

How Kindle Unlimited works

Kindle Unlimited free for 3 months

RRP on Amazon € 0

The operation of Kindle Unlimited is very simple. All you have to do is enter the service website and register. Once you register, you will have a free trial for the next 30 days so you can see how convincing it is before you start paying for it.

Once you have registered, when you return to the website you will directly access the catalog of available books. And if you are not registered, you will be able to know that a book is part of the catalog because a Kindle Unlimited will appear among the purchase options for the price of 0.0 euros, indicating that if you pay the monthly fee for the service, you will not have to pay for the book separately. .

All you have to do is download the book you want to your device and start reading it. Both on your Kindle and in the mobile application, you will see that there is now a section called Kindle Unlimited from where you can access the entire catalog. Once inside, click on the book you want and start downloading it.

The Kindle Unlimited catalog is divided into several types of products: ebooks, audiobooks, comics, and ezines . With these three types, a catalog of more than a million titles is formed that is increasing day by day. The magazines are a new exclusive format of Unlimited that you could not buy otherwise, and in which the ones you have are updated monthly. The rest of the titles will simply be added or removed.

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Audiobooks are not as common as conventional books, and they are also not compatible with Kindle readers. However, if you have the Kindle application on your mobile or tablet then you will be able to consume them. As for books and comics, these are available for all devices.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the books you access on Kindle Unlimited do not become yours, but Amazon lends them to you. This means that if you cancel your account, all the books of the program will be deleted from your devices. But without canceling the account, you will have them downloaded to be able to consume them also offline.

And as for authors, Amazon doesn’t pay them for every book a user downloads from Unlimited. Instead it pays them for each page read by each user , a system that some authors have managed to circumvent in the past


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