Importance of Love in life

The passion associated with love can be oriented towards another person, to an ideal or to life itself. In any case, it is an intense feeling and always shrouded in mystery, like an inner force that does not leave us indifferent.

An antidote to hate

Hate is a harmful feeling and acts as a seed that causes destruction and desolation. To combat hatred, there are some strategies: encourage dialogue , improve the climate of coexistence or generate empathy. However, the best antidote to eradicating hate is to sow love. If love dominates hate, the negative tendencies of the human being are definitely diluted.

A transforming energy

By feeling true love for someone or something, one becomes a different being, as if an internal energy has taken over him. It is a strange and mysterious energy and it is not always pleasant and sweet.

Love in life is not a matter of great philosophical speeches, poems full of lyricism or an exchange of gifts for Valentine’s Day. Nor is it something that can be explained with biochemical parameters or with supposed supernatural laws that govern the universe. On the contrary, it is something that is demonstrated, done and lived, sometimes with pleasure and sometimes with pain.

With the energy of love within us, difficulties and problems take on a different dimension. Thus, for love we are capable of any sacrifice, of changing the course of our own lives, of fighting to the point of exhaustion for what we desire. On the other hand, without love life has an ordinary appearance, since there are no great surprises and everything can be measured in terms of profits and losses.

We must not forget that people have basic needs that we must satisfy and want and be loved is one of these needs

Living without love is perfectly possible, but it is an impoverishing option that takes us away from full happiness.

The loving feeling can be confused with the sexual instinct or with the desire for possession. True love for someone or something does not mean immediate pleasure or changing what you love. Genuine love does not say I want you to love me but it says I want to love you. That which we love acts as a magnet that attracts us or as if we are possessed by a force of gravity in our soul.


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