Importance of Anthropology

The human being is studied from different scientific perspectives. Thus, philosophy focuses on its rational dimension, sociology on the social reality of individuals and anthropology studies man analyzing his lifestyle, either in relation to the present or to the past. For this, this discipline uses other areas in an auxiliary way, such as psychology, statistics , history or genetics.

Provides a comprehensive view of man

To know human reality as a whole it is necessary to divide it into sections. In this sense, physical anthropology analyzes the physiological characteristics through the fossil remains found and the distinctive features of contemporary groups. On the other hand, philosophical anthropology provides a reflection on the key questions that concern humanity (what do we do in the world, where are we going or what is the meaning of everything around us).

Another of its subdivisions is linguistic anthropology, an area focused on the diversity of languages ​​spoken by human groups. Cultural anthropology, also known as social anthropology, analyzes all kinds of human aspects (clothing, gastronomy , utensils, or traditions).

Forensic science allows the identification of human beings from their remains

Professionals in this branch of anthropology face a difficult challenge: that human remains can communicate relevant information . With the appropriate techniques it is possible to know the age of an individual, his type of nutrition, his illnesses, what he died of or what he did. With the data obtained, you can also solve a police investigation , determine the relationship of an individual or recreate the image of someone as they were.

Forensic anthropologists have provided very useful information to understand the lifestyle of the ancient Egyptians and have provided relevant data on famous figures of the past.

The work of the anthropologist allows us to clarify historical events

If a professional in anthropology investigates the remains related to a battle, it is very possible that he will find information on very different aspects: how the soldiers fed, the customs they had, the weapons they used or the clothing of a time. This type of information will be very useful for the historian.

It could be said that the work of an anthropologist is a mixture of different professions: detective, scientist, chronicler and sociologist.


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