Importance of Drug Information In Our Life

Drug Information is recommended to be known and understood well in relation to the tendency that people are carrying out self-medication; efforts made by individuals who aim to treat all complaints on themselves with medicines that can be purchased freely at pharmacies on their own initiative without doctor’s advice, carry out self-medication, without going through a doctor when they are sick.

Self-medication carried out without being based on knowledge and understanding of drugs; especially drug information which is relatively easy to understand; it can be fatal, instead of getting a cure but an accident/incident due to drugs; poisoning, wrong indication, etc.

Drug information that is recommended to be known and understood, ; is :

  1. Drug Composition
  2. Indication
  3. Instructions for Use (Dosage and How to Use)
  4. Medication Time
  5. Drug Side Effects
  6. Contra Indication
  7. Expired date
  1. Composition:
    Information about the active substances contained in the medicinal preparations. The composition may be a single substance; for example: paracetamol, vitamin C. The composition can also be a combination of various active substances and other additives; for example: cold medicine (phenylpropanolamine + clofeniramine maleate + paracetamol + salicylamide), multivitamins and minerals.

    2. Indication:
    Indication is information that describes the efficacy of a drug. For example: Paracetamol has an indication / efficacy as a fever reducer and pain reliever.

    3. Instructions for use:
    Information on how to use the drug; which includes the time and number of times; and the dose of the drug used in a day.
    For example :
    2 x 1 tablet/capsule/teaspoon (every 12 hours); within 12 hours (period), drink 2 times (frequency), with the amount of 1 tablet/capsule/teaspoon (dose)

    4. Time to take medication; the drug should be taken according to the best time of therapy. Morning; Example: vitamins, diuretics. Evening: anticholesterol (simvastatin), anti-anxiety (alprazolam); etc.

    5. Contra Indications:
    Contra Indications are certain conditions that cause the use of the drug is not recommended, or prohibited; because it increases the risk to the patient.

    Examples of Contra-Indications: Patients with severe liver dysfunction should not take paracetamol; pregnant and lactating women should not take deworming medicine; etc.

    Things to watch out for:

  • The drug must be taken until it runs out; Example: antibiotics.
  • Medicines are taken if necessary; Example: fever reducer.
  • The medicine is chewed first; Example: antacid chewable tablet.
  • The drug is placed under the tongue; Example: heart medicine (ISDN)
  • The drug is shaken first; example: suspension (antacids / ulcer drugs).
  • Drugs in the form of tablets/capsules are taken with water.
  • Certain drugs can be affected by food/drink; example: captopril (taken 1 hour before meals or 2 hours after meals), antacids (taken between meals), anti-vomiting drugs (taken 1 hour before meals), acarbose (taken with the first bite), griseofulvin (taken with fatty foods) , tetracycline (should not be taken with milk), etc.
  • Certain drugs can be affected / affect the work of other drugs; so they cannot be used together; Example: cimetidine with antibiotics, etc.

Other important things (needs attention):

  • Circulation Permit Number (NIE)/Drug Registration is a sign that shows the drug has received permission from the government to be circulated in Indonesia so that the drug is guaranteed to be safe, efficacious and of good quality.
  • Expired time; namely the time that indicates the end date of the drug is still efficacious and safe to use. Writing can be in the form of date, month, and year; or just month and year.
  • Warning signs and attention are things that need to be considered when using the drug; example: do not use when driving a vehicle; etc.
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