Importance of the Soul

It seems to be something very complex and difficult to define or explain, however the soul is something that is present in all of us and that is part of our daily life. How can something that is not seen or felt only be understood in our mind? What is its relevance to our lives?

What are we talking about if we refer to the soul

We can say that all people have, in addition to a body and a mind, something deeply complex, abstract and difficult to understand what we call soul. It is understood that by the simple fact of being conscious, sentient and with a spirit we carry within us a soul, that which defines us and makes us human.

According to religious beliefs, the term can be seen from different points of analysis : something that exists, something that does not exist, that there is no way to prove its existence, that it is our essence, something that must be built day by day, which is predated by a divine entity, etc. In any case, the soul is an important part of our identity not only as individuals but as members of a broad community that is human.

The soul as a quality of kind human beings

Although we have just raised the idea that all human beings, by the simple fact of being such, have a soul, very different is what we choose to make of it. Thus, in practical and concrete life it is often said that a person has no soul or is soulless when he does not act with kindness, with solidarity , he performs cruel or evil acts, although it can also be used for indifferent and selfish people.

Understood in this sense, the concept of soul is loaded with many social values ​​that, it is fair to point out, are clearly marked by the religions that in most communities determine our way of thinking the abstract.

Being a person in full use of his soul does not only mean being human but being a kind, respectful and caring person with other living beings.

What can we say about the soul of animals and other living beings?

A very interesting and complex subject to debate is one that asks whether animals and plants also have a soul similar or similar to that of a human being. In this it is almost impossible to find a single way of thinking since those who have a posture taken by themselves or by no means change their minds. The discussion has to do with determining if animals too, being sentient beings, have a soul and therefore must be respected.


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