As we have explained in previous articles, emotional intelligence or Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand and manage one’s own emotions. Not only that, emotional intelligence also helps us in influencing the emotions of others. This is why emotional intelligence is something that is very important for everyone to have, because it not only controls one’s own emotions but also other people.


Many people say that emotional intelligence is really needed by all managers. Eits! In fact this intelligence is not only for leaders, colleagues. However, emotional intelligence is very important for everyone to have, including myself and my Career Advice colleagues wherever they are. Emotional Intelligence needs to be applied wherever we are, whether at work, home, and in any environment in our lives.


This emotional intelligence can be formed and trained. To be able to have good emotional intelligence, we need to have one main skill in life. Is that? the answer is self-awareness or self-awareness.


What is meant by self-awareness? Starting from the basic word “conscious” which means to feel, know, and understand. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), self-awareness is the awareness that a person has of his own condition. So through self-awareness, we can develop thoughts through the emotions and feelings we have.


Then, what is the relationship between emotional intelligence and self-awareness? Self-awareness as the main skill that we need to have will help us to understand all the events that occur in life. When life gives us a challenge, we are required to have responsibility for all the emotions and reactions we give to these challenges, this is a form of self-awareness. After that, self-awareness will help us realize the emotional state when we have to deal with these challenges.


Simultaneously, we are aware of all our own abilities and are aware of all the emotional states that we issue to face these challenges. At this point, has the relationship between emotional intelligence and self-awareness been apparent ? Both of these will shape our behavior in dealing with every event that happens everyday.


That is why many people say that emotional intelligence is very important for managers or leaders to have, because they are the people who are responsible for leading many people and setting good examples for their employees or team members. In fact, clearly emotional intelligence needs to be possessed by all individuals in this world, and all that needs to be started from the self-awareness that each individual has.


Are there questions that can help raise our self-awareness ? Of course there is! Some questions we can ask ourselves are as follows:

– What feelings do I have now? Am I angry, sad, or just upset?

– Is my interpretation of this event accurate according to the facts or is this just the result of thinking from my past trauma?

– Do I use other feelings to hide my true feelings?

– Is what I’m doing right and not breaking the law? , and so forth.


Try asking yourself a few questions above, listen to your heart and understand your own abilities, because only we can do it.


The problem is, sometimes there are many people who already have very good self-awareness, but they grow and develop in an environment that is less supportive of their emotional intelligence. So, many of us have never developed a healthy relationship with ourselves. In fact, they have not yet realized the importance of self-awareness. If self-awareness is ignored, how can someone improve his emotional intelligence?


This situation can open our eyes that between emotional intelligence and self-awareness, the two are interrelated and both have a very important role.


After knowing the importance of emotional intelligence and self-awareness, we invite fellow Career Advice to learn to understand and understand the current emotional state of fellow readers. When we can know and understand well about the emotional state they have now, then this will make it easier for us to think “what choices or actions do I need to take next?” Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Feeling Joy or Happiness. 

When we feel happy, happy or happy, this indicates that life goes very easily and in accordance with what we expect at that time. Joy, happiness , joy, enthusiasm and full of hope, makes us more motivated by all life.


If the current reader has an emotional condition like this, then give an action or behavior that can make other people feel what we feel. We need to spread this feeling of happiness, because then our happiness will increase.


2. Feeling Sad or Hurt.

Sadness and pain occur when someone has hurt our feelings and finally we realize that not everyone in this world can treat ourselves well. There are times when we accidentally hurt someone else’s heart.


At other times, maybe someone else will hurt us. If your fellow readers are aware of this emotional state, don’t take revenge or anything that harms yourself and others.


Remember that we are all human beings who make mistakes. If now we feel sad and hurt by others, this could be because we have done the same thing to others before, whether it is realized or not.


3. Feeling Fear. 

Fear is the sensation that enters our bodies when we think something is challenging or extraordinary to us. For example, hearing the sound of people walking outside the room, even though we are living alone in the house. Or, feel afraid of the job training evaluation that will be delivered by our manager.


There are many fears that occur in our lives, but one thing to always remember is that everyone must have felt fear, not just us. So, fear is a natural thing and we don’t need to react with excessive actions or behavior.


4. Feeling Angry. 

Anger is the main sensation that we feel when things don’t go as expected. Getting angry is also a very natural thing, everyone must be angry. However, hold all emotions within yourself by being calm and patient. Don’t act recklessly let alone be rash. Emotional intelligence is very needed in this feeling of anger. Do not let our anger even more detrimental to ourselves and others.


5. Feeling guilty. 

Guilt is the sensation we have when we have thoughts or judgments that our behavior or actions should be different from what we have done before. Guilt has a positive impact, because we can have better self-awareness and avoid the same mistakes in the future. However, guilt can also have negative effects such as, making a suicide attempt because of a very large guilty feeling, and stay away from that, yes, Career Advice colleagues!


6. Feeling Shy. 

The last is shame, which is a sensation that enters our bodies when we have negative values ​​and thoughts about ourselves at a fundamental level. For example, we feel ashamed to speak in public because we feel not smart. Shame is indeed very useful so that we continue to do things that are logical, according to reason and human. However, excessive shame will only hinder our career path.


by Abdullah Sam
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