” Be thankful , then we will feel happy” one of my coworkers said this. Frankly, I feel very agree with what he said. Indicators of happiness for each person is certainly different. Some have cars and luxury homes, good job positions. However, they still feel unhappy with the life they have now.


Gratitude can not only make us happier, but gratitude that is applied everyday will become one of the work cultures that really needs to be had by every company. In other words, the gratitude that we implement every day can provide some very meaningful benefits. For example, building mutual understanding or tolerance in understanding colleagues in the office, enthusiasm for work, and strong in facing all challenges in the work.


Without having to linger longer, let us consider the following explanation. I wonder what benefits will we get when we have gratitude every day ?


1. Always Enthusiastic at Work. 

As ordinary people, there are times when we feel very excited and motivated to work. However, there are times when we feel demotivated and disoriented. This is the main benefit if we have gratitude every day. Gratitude will create the thought that the work we have now is a gift from God.


So, when we get a test that drops our passion at work, our brain can come back to remember that not everyone can have a job. That is why people who have jobs have been blessed by God.


Gratitude that is owned will also lead us to success. Why? Because with gratitude, we will not compare our work with the work of others. We only focus on competing with ourselves, focusing on developing and improving the quality of self. People like this will more easily achieve success in the future, because the calm they have will lead them to success.


2. Improving Mood and Creativity. 

When we consider that work is a gift, gratitude will continue to flow and enthusiasm will continue to burn. But not only that, our mood will also always be maintained properly. When an event succeeds in making us fall, gratitude will make it normal again.


To support gratitude as a work culture in the office, we can put up useful quotes or quotes about everything related to life, motivation, even happiness. By always looking at useful quotes, our mood will become more stable.


Wait, not only that! In fact, gratitude will make us far more creative. Mood or stable feelings will help us to think more clearly. Often clear thoughts will lead us to imaginations that have never been thought of before. When doing office work in a calm mind, the results are almost certain to be satisfying. In addition, our minds will also be more creative in adding some points that will add value to the task.


So, it is clear that gratitude that is implemented into a work culture will improve our mood and make it more stable, and create creativity within.


3. Creating Good Team Cooperation. 

When gratitude is embedded in every employee’s soul, then this will turn into a good work culture in the office. As we know that good teamwork will form a very brilliant work and satisfy many people. No business or business can succeed, without good teamwork . In fact, no single successful person in this world can succeed without the support of others.


That is why good teamwork is really needed in the world of business and work. So, what is the relationship between gratitude and strong teamwork? Gratitude will lead us to the attitude of “acceptance”, which attitude will guide us to become someone who can accept the weaknesses and strengths of others very well. We will not consider ourselves to be the greatest among others. However, we believe that each person has advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as ourselves.


That way, we will complement each other. There is no sense to judge those who have our weaknesses, and there is no jealousy when we see other team members who are greater and smarter than us. All are great, and all have flaws that need to be supported by each other.


by Abdullah Sam
I’m a teacher, researcher and writer. I write about study subjects to improve the learning of college and university students. I write top Quality study notes Mostly, Tech, Games, Education, And Solutions/Tips and Tricks. I am a person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence or virtue.

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