What is Brand Awareness?

What is Brand Awareness and why is it so important?The Brand awareness is the probability that consumers know a product, is the degree to which consumers associate the brand precisely to a specific product.

Speaking of Brand awareness, the topic must be divided into: Brand recognition and Brand recall.Brand recognition is the consumer’s ability to recognize prior knowledge of the brand, meaning that consumers can clearly distinguish the Brand because they have been previously noticed or listened to.

While the appeal of the Brand  is the consumer’s ability to remember a Brand, associating it with a product category. Generally it is easier to recognize a brand than to recall it.

The Brand awareness is increased when the name is easy to pronounce. For example, Coca Cola in the United States has become known as “Coke”.

How does the awareness of a Brand work?

  1. Assisted awareness:This means that, by mentioning the product category, customers recognize your brand from the lists of brands shown.
  2. Mindfulness (immediate brand recall) –This means that, by mentioning the product category, the first brand that the customer remembers from their mind is that Brand.

The relative importance of brand recall and recognition will depend on the degree to which consumers make or not decisions about the product. For example: in a store, brand recognition is more crucial as the brand will be physically present. In a scenario where brands are not physically present, brand recall is more significant (as is the case with online services and brands).

Building Brand Awareness is essential to building a successful Brand .

How to increase Brand Awareness?

This business includes various renowned promotion channels such as advertising, word of mouth advertising, social media such as blogs, sponsorships, launch events, etc.

To increase brand awareness, it is important to create a reliable brand image and slogan. The message to be communicated should also be consistent, because strong Brand awareness leads to high sales and obtaining a market share.

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