Are there any readers who can’t live without gadgets? Gadgets do have an important role in our lives. Any information can be found only by accessing it through the internet and the smartphone that we have.


Every day, even most of the time we have is spent interacting with gadgets. We become addicted to gadgets. Hold a little bit of cell phone, a little bit to hold a tablet. Do your fellow readers feel the same way?


Technology has indeed become our lifestyle. That is a good thing, but gadget addiction has a bad impact on our lives. We are the ones who should control the use of gadgets . Try fellow readers to note, every gadget has an on / off button, right? Well, that means we have full control to turn it on or off.


Then, how can we overcome gadget addiction?

Overcoming gadget addiction is not an easy thing. We need to have consistency and determination. Well, here are 4 tips that can be done to overcome gadget addiction.


1. Start the day with meaningful activities. 

Time in the morning is a very important time. We must start the day in a wise way. Try not to directly interact with technology when we first start the day. That way, we won’t be addicted to gadgets all day long. Also specify a certain time in the afternoon to do meditation . This helps us to be able to focus on the things that were done that day and what needs to be done tomorrow.


2. Turn off the gadget at a certain time.

Determine a certain time to turn off the gadgets that we have, maybe one or two hours in the morning, at lunch or at dinner. We can determine the time freely. The important thing is we have discipline.


3. Use a timer. 

There are many online applications that help us manage our time . Use the help from the application. When the application warns that this is the time to distance yourself from the gadget, obey and immediately stop our interaction with the gadget.


4. Rest certain applications.

We can rest certain applications if needed, for example uninstall Facebook or Instagram for 1 week because we have urgent reports to be resolved. That way, we can really focus on the work and finish it with maximum results. If we have completed the report, we can download the application again.


Do not let technology dominate life rampant and make us forget other important things. We must be wise in using gadgets and not to become addicted. Why? Here are 4 benefits obtained if we distance ourselves from gadgets.


1. Eliminating envy and envy.

Research shows that people who frequently visit Facebook have a higher level of dissatisfaction. Of course this does not mean that Facebook is a negative thing. It’s just that what people upload often makes us feel jealous and even spiteful. By avoiding gadgets, we will take a break from social media lives that are jealous and focus more on our personal lives and see that we have many things to be thankful for.


2. Relieve fear.

Fear is a problem that is often faced by humans in the current technological era. Social media never stops showing lots of things around. We see that everyone has an interesting and exciting life.


As a result, jealousy develops into a feeling of fear . If we don’t do the same thing or have the same thing, we think that other people will stay away from us because they don’t have anything in common with them. In fact, that’s just the thought we have. Well, if we start to feel like this, this is the right time to disconnect yourself from the gadget. Keep away from social media so that we can better respect ourselves and what they have.


3. Give us lots of time alone.

If you are always connected to gadgets, you don’t have time for yourself. If you have time alone, you can do something useful for your life. We can do meditation. This is a good opportunity to reflect and evaluate yourself. That way, we can see to what extent it has given its best efforts to achieve goals and what negative behaviors still need to be eliminated so as not to impede their goals.


4. We enjoy life more.

If you keep staring at the screen, you can’t really enjoy your life. Life experiences can never be repeated. So, we have to use it as best we can. Spend time enjoying life with loved ones even through simple conversations. Make sure that we are truly present without having to be disturbed by gadgets and other notifications. That way, we can enjoy each of these precious moments


by Abdullah Sam
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