How to watch at night in Rust

Sometimes video games can have intense variations in light between the day and night cycles. In fact, Rust suffers from this problem. Therefore, today we will teach you how to see at night in Rust – Raise the gamma easily in Rust .

After downloading and installing Rust , many doubts often arise, it is no wonder, it is a complex game. In fact, if you are new it is recommended that you know what it means to raide and how to raide in Rust and other important aspects, but also the technical is very relevant.

What is the gamma in Rust?

When we talk about gamma, we are specifically referring to the intensity of colors and how this affects the brightness and contrast of a scene . In video games, there are constant variations in brightness between night and day scenes. But sometimes the changes are excessive, making it impossible even to see clearly at night.

Fortunately, there are several ways to change this, for example most modern monitors have a so-called “Black EQ” . This feature will allow you to see better at night in games, but not all computers have this feature.

Not everything is to increase or improve the FPS in Rust , it is also important that we can see the image properly, for which the gamma must be changed.

See at night in Rust going up the gamma

In the event that you do not have a monitor with black equalization, do not worry, depending on your graphics card you can make a similar change. Therefore, please read the following information carefully to easily upload the gamma in Rust . However, you should update your graphics card drivers first , in case they are outdated.

Raise the gamma with the Nvidia Filter

Keep in mind that to use this solution it is necessary to have an Nvidia graphics card, in turn you must have GeForce Experience installed. Fortunately, the GeForce Experience application can be started very easily, you just have to press the “Alt + Z” key combination .

In the upper left part of the screen, the option “Game filter” will be displayed, through which we can change options such as brightness, contrast and other aspects. Click on this option.

By clicking on this option, the various configurations listed (1, 2, 3) will be displayed. Select any of those settings and you will immediately notice a change in Rust’s gamma .

If you want to make more specific settings, just click on the “Exposure / contrast” option . Here you can modify each of the options, for this you must move the exposure, contrast, shadows and gamma as you wish, which are the ones that mainly affect how it looks at night in Rust.

Set it up to your liking and make that setting when it is night and very dark. In this way, you can accommodate all the options to your liking. Everything is a matter of testing.

Raise gamma with AMD cards

The above tutorial is intended for Nvidia graphics cards, but a similar process exists for AMD graphics cards as well. In fact, all you have to do is open Rust and then press the “Alt + Z” key configuration , after which the AMD menu will open.

At the top right side of “Start” you will see a small button to put the menu in full screen, click on it. The AMD settings menu will then open within Rust. Locate the section to search and type “Screen.” Verify that the results show “Display settings” and click on this option.

Verify that the option “Custom Color” is activated, if so, you can configure various aspects of the image to your liking. This time you should focus on “Brightness” and “contrast” , options that will allow you to set the gamma in Rust to your liking.

Make the settings that seem best to you and this way you can play more easily during the night. The only negative aspect of this function is that the gamma of the system will also change , but at any time you can access this option also from the desktop. To do this, right click on the desktop and select “AMD Radeon Software”.

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