How to install new watch faces on Apple Watch

I want to explain how to install new dials on Apple Watch with the incredible Clockology app  .

As you know, Apple does not allow external developers to install new custom dials inside its famous watch.

Most likely the choice made by the Cupertino company is dictated exclusively for reasons of security and integrity of watchOS!

But today I want to introduce you to Clockology , an extraordinary application that will allow you to create custom watch faces or upload those made by external communities.

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How do you say? Are you very interested in the subject and would like to understand how to create custom watch faces and upload them to your beloved Apple Watch?

Do not worry. Also today we are here to help you and you will see that, in a few minutes and with a little patience, you will be able to install new fantastic faces on your Apple Watch .

Contents index

  • 1Where to download Clockology
  • 2Where to find the watch faces
  • 3What to do if you don’t see Clock Synchronization
  • 4How to leave the watch face active for longer

Where to download Clockology

First we need to get the Clockology application and install it both on the iPhone but also on your Apple Watch .

If you have enabled the ” Automatic installation ” function in the ” General ” section of your Apple Watch , once installed on the iPhone it will also be downloaded automatically on the watch.

So, all you have to do is go to the Appstore and download and install the Clockology app , here is the direct link:

  • Clockology -> Download

Now that you have successfully downloaded and installed the Clockology application , let’s move on to the actual guide that will lead you to install new custom faces on your Apple Watch .

Before starting I wanted to inform you that the following tutorial is compatible with any version of Apple Watch .

Where to find the watch faces

We need to make a small but necessary clarification: Clockology will not allow you to perform a real installation of new dials.

Clockology behaves like any third party app , it’s a kind of simulator but it works really great!

Now that you have downloaded and installed Clockology on your iPhone and Apple Watch , let’s see where we can get lots of great watch faces ready for download.


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Also in this case Telegram , the extraordinary cross-platform instant messaging service, will come to our aid .

Here is the direct link to the Telegram download , obviously compatible with your iPhone .

Once downloaded, installed and configured ( very similar to Whatsapp ), all you have to do is join the channel dedicated to Clockology faces , here is the link .

Once this is done, choose the quadrant you like the most and click on the link for the installation file, as you can see in the example below.

On the next page click on ” Dismiss “, wait for the countdown and click on ” Next ” ( the screen may be different depending on where the file is hosted )

Now click on the link that is proposed to you, then download and save the dial installation file on your iPhone .

Now that the file is saved on the iPhone , all you have to do is click on “ Open in Clockology ” to import it into the app folder.

You’re almost done! Now hold down on the dial you just downloaded and choose the ” Clock synchronization ” item that you see in the drop-down menu.

Please note that during this operation, the Clockology application must be open both on the iPhone and on your A pple Watch .

Now press the ” Sync ” button you see below to transfer your new watch face to Apple Watch .

What to do if you don’t see the Clock Synchronization item

If you don’t see the ” Clock Synchronization ” item in the drop-down menu, don’t worry, there is a solution and it is also very simple.

You simply have to download and install the activator which is nothing more than a simple watchface created for beta testers.

All you have to do is download the activator from this link and open it later with the Clockology application .

Once this is done you simply have to swipe down with your finger to finish the configuration and enable Clockology to synchronize alternate dials .

Now turn off and on both iPhone and Apple Watch and enjoy your new custom watch face on your awesome Apple Watch !

How to leave the watch face on for longer

As I explained to you earlier, Clockology doesn’t install an actual watch face , but it works just like any external app .

Hence, it must always be active in the background on your Watch to be displayed on your Apple Watch .

To leave it active for as long as possible, there is a little trick:

  • Go to Apple Watch-> Settings -> General -> Go back to the watch face and select the item ” After an hour “.

This way the custom watch face will stay active in the background as long as you check the watch at least once an hour, otherwise it will revert to the original watch face.

Sometimes it could happen that the dial disappears, for example in the case of notifications that require action, to reactivate it close and reopen Clockology from the clock.

The tutorial on how to install new faces on Apple Watch is over, see you next time!

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