How Apple Watch Series 7 is different from Apple Watch 6

The presentations on September 14, no matter what they talked about, were not boring. But something didn’t happen on them. On our screens, the new Apple Watch with the new iPhones had to come together in an uncompromising battle. And Apple Watch, for the first time in Apple history, predicted an unconditional victory in this battle. This battle would be a hit, its best moments would be shown on all TV channels for a month or two – the show would overshadow everything that was, is and will be on Apple TV + . But alas. Everything was intelligent, within the framework, the new iPhones won, and what was shown instead of the Apple Watch Series 7 was their pale shadow. Where is the real Apple Watch Series 7 that was supposed to outshine the iPhone 13?


It looks like Apple’s war on information leaks is a tipping point. The new iPhones and the new Apple Watch, and our rumor-gleaned perceptions of them, were largely out of sync. This is especially true for the Apple Watch. So far, and it worked even this June, the news rumors that surfaced in the weeks leading up to their expected launch have usually been accurate. The iPhone 13 rumors and leaks were even cooler than it actually was, but paradoxically, in reality, they are much more interesting than expected. This is truly the best iPhone Apple has ever released, as it always has been. The Apple Watch Series 7 from the rumors was very different.

How Apple Watch Series 7 is different from Apple Watch 6

They were a bomb, the explosion of which was supposed to smash the Apple lineup, kill the iPhone and Apple itself, in six months or a year. An extremely powerful chip, the battery charge of which would be enough for several days (at least for two days), a completely new form factor, complete independence. You yourself know – if something sells well, you need to urgently and beyond recognition to change the design of this “something”. These AWS7s could not be a myth, we saw their photos, diagrams and blueprints. The incompatibility of the existing straps with the Apple Watch of the new design has become a real fact, those who have accumulated them have already thought about what to do. And suddenly the Apple Watch Series 7 of the rumors turned out to be a hoax. Old straps will fit them. What happened? There are two versions.

What is known about Apple Watch 7

It seems that Apple Watch 7 really should have been like this

All Apple products that have not been presented to the public are considered non-existent by the company. Those Apple Watch Series 7 that were introduced on September 14, according to Apple’s logic, exist. The ones we know about from rumors and leaks are not. But the design of Apple’s new smartwatches, which we learned about gradually, since last summer, is too similar to the real one. Apple has been working on the multi-story system-in-a-box for several years, filing patent applications for original ideas and even obtaining several patents. Making the Apple Watch more self-reliant is another Apple dream. Therefore, the system-on-the-case expected energy-efficient processors from the Apple A14, twice the most powerful processors used in the Apple Watch before. A neural processor was also supposed to appear on the crystal of a tiny chip. And what was presented on September 14th is, rather, Apple Watch Series 6+. This version seems to be confirmed by what happened shortly before the presentation of the new watch.

When iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7 come out

Rumor has it that attempts to launch a trial production of the Apple Watch Series 7 have ended in failure. Due to the unusual design of their design and what they have inside. They could not dock the components (and nothing else was required from the assemblers). The clock was really different. And even the AWS7 developers, who dropped everything and came to save their product, could not help. This simply could not be, but it happened. Then, again, not from Apple, but from a “usually reliable source”, it became known that the problem was solved and the release of the Apple Watch of the seventh series would be delayed by only two weeks, and they would be announced together with the iPhone 13. Now everything has changed again: the date of the start of their sales appointed “this fall”. That is, the real AWS7 was replaced by AWS7 which is actually AWS6 + a couple of weeks ago?

What Apple Watch 7 should have been

I wonder where the leaks with the square cases of the Apple Watch 7 come from, then

If you look for answers to emerging questions in rumors and leaks about AWS7, you will not be able to find convincing answers. But if you look at the situation “from the outside”, it ceases to seem insoluble. Apple has a very strong security service. Or, as it is called at Apple, so that no one would guess – “Loyalty Service”. It accepts former employees of the special services, and not just any, but the best. And the special services use special operations to solve the tasks assigned to them. Multidimensional, at different levels, thought out in the smallest detail.

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AWS7 from rumors and leaks, many of which were simulated by Apple, is not fiction. Apple watchmakers are really working on all these changes in the Apple Watch, but they will not appear on the Apple Watch now, and most likely not immediately. By the way, almost nothing is known about the inside of the presented Apple Watch. Some of the rumors may turn out to be reality. We didn’t look under the hood of AWS7 at the presentation, and there may well be surprises. The most reliable information comes from the pre-release version of watchOS 8 (which is GM), but we’ll deal with it next time. Production problems are not uncommon these days, it could be a coincidence.

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