What are the cheapest rates with 1 Gb fiber and mobile?

The 1 Gbps fiber optic rates have been a reality for some time, but Movistar had to come with its speed increase so that they could once again become the object of desire for many users. Leaving aside if this speed is necessary to navigate , we will now try to dismantle the theory that these are really expensive pricing plans. For this, we have selected the best combined fiber and mobile rates with 1 Gbps speed in January 2021 , and these are the chosen ones.

1 Gbps fiber optic is the fastest mode that we currently have in the domestic market. Also, it looks like it will be the “glass ceiling” at speed level for some time to come due to various reasons. The first is the network equipment, both the one provided by the operators (router) and the one the user has at home (network cards, etc). Changing this equipment for another with 2.5 Gbps Ethernet is too expensive. The second reason is that, with very few exceptions, no home user is going to take advantage of more of this speed.

The best rates in January 2021 of 1 Gbps

At the national level, few operators offer this speed. In this case, almost all are large operators, although Adamo also sneaks in, who was the first to introduce this speed in our country. At the provincial or local level we have other options, but they are too specific to an area to include them in the comparison.

Movistar Fusion 0 to 1 Gb

The first rate that we are going to review is Movistar Fusión 0 with up to 1 Gbps of speed. Before continuing, the blues use the word “up to” since the maximum that can be achieved is 940-950 Mbps for header themes. This is common to all operators, even if their competition does not indicate it. Leaving that aside, we also have two mobile lines, the first with 200 minutes and 15GB and the second with calls at 0 cents and 5GB. Data can be shared.

There is no shortage of landlines with unlimited calls to other national landlines, Secure Connection services, Movistar Cloud or television with DTT channels and exclusive Movistar + # 0 and #vamos channels. The price of this modality is 62 euros , being able to add Netflix HD for 11 euros more or Netflix UHD 4K for 15 euros more per month. Your alternative with unlimited data and more television is Movistar Inicia for 78 euros (37.5 euros for the first 3 months).

Orange Love Lite (Unlimited) 1 Gbps

Love Lite with 300 Mbps speed will be the starting point, increasing the speed to 1 Gbps for 20 euros more per month. This mode has a main line with unlimited calls and 5GB to navigate. Its price is 45.95 euros per month (22.98 euros the first 3 months), which would stay at 65.95 euros with 1 Gbps of speed.

The unlimited alternative in the French operator Orange is Love Lite Unlimited 1 Gbps. Here we start from the basic mode with 300 Mbps that includes a main mobile line with unlimited data and a secondary one with 0 cent calls that can consume up to 10GB of the main one. It is completed with Orange TV Play with the exclusive Orange Channel, as well as international channels and both national and regional DTT channels.

In the landline we have calls to national landlines and mobiles and Amazon Prime for 24 months. The price is 67.95 euros (33.98 euros for 3 months). Now we have to complete the rate by raising the speed to 1 Gbps. This will cost us 20 euros more per month, leaving the monthly price at 87.95 euros per month .

Vodafone One Unlimited Total

Vodafone reserves the gig of fiber speed for the Total Unlimited mode. It has a mobile line with unlimited data and calls, landline with unlimited calls to other landlines and mobiles and television with Free TV Serielovers Pack for 1 year with HBO Spain, Amazon Prime and 60 more channels. The price is 94.99 euros per month (47.49 euros per month for the first 3 months).

Yoigo 1 Gbps

The operator of Grupo MásMóvil offers three options to have 1 Gbps of fiber and landline with unlimited calls. The first is to include a mobile line with 15GB and unlimited calls plus a second free line for 69 euros . The second option has unlimited data and calls plus a second free line for 79 euros. The third is a rate like the previous one, but that has a personal manager and some premium services for 82 euros forever.


This operator offers several combined with 1000 Mbps speed. Prices start at 47 euros with 9 gigs on the mobile, 50 euros with 23 gigs or 56 euros with 50 gigs on the mobile. The price is promoted at 50% for the first six months. If we want symmetric fiber we will have to pay more, leaving the package with 60 gigs for 64 euros per month.


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