KROM KIGHT LED Ring Review;cheapest light ring on the market

Have you ever stopped to think how important lighting is in video conferencing or when streaming ? Adequate lighting can make the difference between looking good or bad and creating annoying shadows, impoverishing the quality of the video you record. To alleviate these problems, KROM brings us its new professional lighting LED ring , KIGHT , which is now available at a price that will surprise you.

One of the biggest problems when it comes to streaming or making video look good in a video conference is lighting. Generally, the ambient light that we have in the room is insufficient and, coming from the ceiling, it generates shadows that make the video quality look better. There are white light bulbs that solve this problem, but they are quite bulky elements, with a high consumption and that, in addition, get quite hot. With the KROM KIGHT professional light ring, you will be able to solve all these problems at a stroke and, moreover, for very little money.

KROM KIGHT, the cheapest light ring on the market

kind of product LED ring light
Number of LEDs 120
Total power 2400-3000 lm
Color index RA> 90
Color temperature 2200 – 5500 K (± 200)
Hoop diameter External 250 mm
Internal 200 mm
Accessories Table tripod
Ball joint for 360º rotation
Feeding USB port (5V)
Materials ABS / PP / Aluminum
Weight 380 grams
Price € 14.90

One of the most interesting features of this KROM professional light ring is its price, since for just 14.90 euros you can buy it (and taking into account that this type of product usually starts at approximately 60 euros, it becomes the cheapest on the market and also by quite a bit of difference).

Beyond that, we are facing an accessory designed both to be placed on the table (it includes a tripod that, in addition, has both a ball joint that allows you to rotate the ring in almost 360 degrees as an accessory to be able to put a smartphone or webcam right in the center of the light to maximize its functionality) as well as to anchor it to the streaming setup that you already have arranged on your desk, since the tripod can be disassembled and the light ring incorporates a standard 1/4 ″ anchor compatible with the immense Most equipment anchoring accessories (that is, to give you an idea, the same thing used by webcams or professional microphones).

Unlike huge spotlights or other professional LED rings, the KIGHT is quite small, with only 25 centimeters in diameter on the outside of the ring. This has its good part and its bad part, since it will allow us to place it almost anywhere comfortably due to its small size and low weight, but in comparison it is also a disadvantage because the area that it is capable of lighting is reduced.

As you can see in the image above, KROM KIGHT includes a lighting controller on the cable itself, which will allow us to select between its different operating modes. We can change the intensity of the lighting up to a maximum of 3,000 lumens , an amount that really is not too much compared to other light bulbs but that is nothing but not bad considering the size of the product. In addition, there is another point in favor to take into account and that is that KIGHT does not require power beyond a simple 5V USB connector , so you can connect it to almost anywhere and you will have all its light intensity.

Beyond this, the lighting controller will also allow us to select the color temperature that best suits us at all times, with a range that goes from very warm light with 2,200K to white light, with 5,500K . This will allow you to customize the scene as you prefer: for example, you will want to have the maximum brightness and the light as white as possible if you are showing a product, but to record your face you may be interested in a warmer and more welcoming light.

We must also highlight an important aspect, and that is that when using this type of LED lighting, the generation of shadows is largely avoided, something that happens frequently when we use the room lamp or a single light bulb. The advantage of KIGHT being an LED ring is that we can place the smartphone or webcam in the center with the included flexible support, making the lighting uniform and focused only where you want it, avoiding shadows.

Is it a product only for professionals?

A product of these characteristics that, in addition, bears the tag “professional” at the end (according to the manufacturer), may invite you to think that it is really suitable only for users who seek to stream at a professional level, especially for “tiktokers” and “influencers. »Who use their smartphone to record themselves, due to the mobile support, size and versatility of the product.

However, the reality is very different and especially for the price it has; Whether you are streaming at an amateur level, you do many videoconferences or you simply use your PC webcam in general terms, having good lighting never hurts as it will greatly enrich the video you record, and that is something that In the long run it shows and quite a lot (for that reason among other things they say that it is professional).

Therefore and answering the question, the answer is that KIGHT is not a product only for professionals but rather for all users who want to improve the quality and clarity of their live broadcasts using a smartphone or PC webcam. And it is also that for just 15 euros, it is something worth trying.

Price and availability

Obviously, there are LED light rings intended for the professional market (or for users who simply want to stream) much better in terms of customization, quality and functionality, but as we have said before it is quite likely that this KROM product is the one. cheapest on the market since its recommended sale price is just 14.90 euros.

KROM KIGHT will be available in stores from the first week of November 2021, and you can find it in the manufacturer’s usual network of distributors, which includes VS Gamers, PcComponentes or Amazon Spain.


The best

  • Price (€ 14.90)
  • Light and handy
  • Compatible with standard 1/4 “anchor
  • Tripod included


  • Limited light intensity



Quality materials










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