Krom Kayros Review

Krom Kayros is the most complete game controller that this manufacturer has launched, a very good option for those who plan to play not only on PC, but also on Switch or even Smartphone , because thanks to its USB and Bluetooth connectivity it has multiplatform capacity. It incorporates an Xbox-type format with additional programmable lower buttons, integrated RGB, macro capacity, vibration motors and smartphone support, a priori, an interesting choice.

Before continuing, we must thank Krom Gaming for their trust in us by giving us this controller for analysis.

Krom Kayros technical characteristics


The Krom Kayros uses a striking presentation in the form of a rigid cardboard box with the corporate colors, product images and description of its key features. This controller comes mounted on a flexible plastic mold to suppress shock, all plain and simple.

The box has the following elements:

  • Mando Krom Kayros
  • Connection cable for charging and data
  • smartphone holder
  • User’s Guide

Exterior design and button configuration

Krom Kayros is a controller for games in an asymmetrical configuration inspired by the design of the controls of the Xbox console , that is, right joystick + D-Pad and upper left joystick. For those who are used to playing games on Microsoft console, it will be a perfect already familiar controller for Game Pass and Game Cloud on Windows system.

The controller is mostly made of ABS plastic for both the upper and lower shells and buttons. Only on the upper part of the grips do we have a layer of rubber with an embossed pattern that improves the comfort and forcefulness of the grip, although its touch is equally hard with minimal sinking. The quality of the finishes and the union of the different parts is quite good, although one of the upper rubbers has a slightly irregular edge adjustment.

The most important thing in terms of ergonomics and usability is the distribution of buttons , and as we have said, the main ones practically maintain the position of the original Xbox controller. ABXY’s panel uses transparent buttons with a thick and peculiar  serigraphy  that integrates RGB lighting . They are buttons of standard hardness and with enough play , but without friction on the edges and therefore, with a fast performance.

The joysticks are both made of plastic with a rubber surface and a rough texture to improve grip. The upper part is concave to improve the grip with the thumbs, with an agile and soft movement for speed movements. The D-Pad, on the other hand, is a bit harder, with a cross shape instead of a round one, and a smooth concave surface. It is comfortable to use and the diagonal pulsations are fluid without rubbing on the edges of the cover, but they feel a little harder than ideal.

The central area does change a bit, since we have Select and Start buttons (Capture and Turbo in this case), a SET button in the lower central area, an upper central Home button and two extras + and – to manage different onboard functions such as later we will see. The setup is expanded with a 4-LED indicator for profiles and controller status, as well as RGB lighting on the Home button and joystick rings .

There is a second individual RGB area that separates the Krom Kayros button area into two parts that acts as a mere aesthetic resource. It would have been a great detail if this strip continued to the ends of the grips. Continuing with the buttons, we have the usual front R/L, ZR/ZL being the first digital switch type and the second trigger type with analog control except when in Bluetooth mode .

The connection configuration consists of a 3.5 mm jack for analog headphones located in the front area and a rear USB-C port with a Sync button for battery charging and data connection. We also do not forget the two programmable buttons MR and ML located under the control next to the installation frame of the smartphone support.

We finish the external analysis precisely with the smartphone support , which consists of a hinge formed by 3 mobile segments   by means of two hinges, with hardness adjustments. This fits into the pressure control, and holds the mobile horizontally with the typical clip system adaptable to different widths with curved rubber edges to provide greater firmness. The only drawback of this system is that the command does not stand alone when we place the mobile, and that it is extremely hard to remove it from the command itself.

Internal Features and Functions

Krom Kayros is compatible with PC , Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS , thanks to having not only the USB-C cable connection, but also Bluetooth . It has an integrated lithium battery to offer between 10 and 12 hours of autonomy . This figure will be reduced depending on the use we make of the device, as it has vibration motors, integrated RGB and a connection for headphones.

It is presented as an extremely complete control in the connectivity section, but also in secondary functions as it is compatible with macros in its two lower programmable buttons. To manage these functions, it is recommended to previously have the controller paired or connected to the gaming platform. The controller will turn on when you press any of the upper keys except the joysticks.

We press ML or MR for 5s, indicating the macro mode with the upper LEDs. Now we carry out the sequence of buttons that we want to reproduce, and press ML or MR to record the function . The integrated vibration system can also be adjusted in 4 levels of intensity by holding down the TURBO and +/- to adjust it .

The RGB lighting system made up of two individual zones can be managed from Krom Kayros itself , and we must also have the controller previously paired with the gaming platform. We must use SET + D-PAD Left/Right to adjust the brightness, Up/Down to modify the RGB zone of buttons and +/- for the independent LED strip . The configuration is worth saying that it is a bit messy, but it is a matter of learning it.

In addition to this, there are two additional functions , one of them is the Turbo Mode of which the brand does not specifically indicate what it is for, but we intuit that it improves the response of the selected button. The other is the Auto-Fire mode , of which a precise description is not provided either, although it is used to keep the key in question pressed down, for example to shoot without stopping or jump continuously. These functions can be applied only to ABXY, L and R.

Connection and use

We have tested the Krom Kayros on both PC and mobile to see how it performs. In the first instance we do it on PC and wired mode , so we simply have to connect it to a USB port. In case of doing it via Bluetooth , we should press the SYNC button for 3s starting with the controller turned off and pair the controller from Windows, but it is warned that the triggers will not work in analog mode via Bluetooth.

Within Steam the controller will be automatically detected as Xbox type , and we just have to make sure that the analog calibration is correct. The performance of the remote has been satisfactory, with a correct weight to be wireless, a comfortable grip and good use of the buttons.

While it is true that the ABXY panel and D-Pad are a bit hard at first, with time of use they seem to soften a bit, or maybe we have gotten used to it . We have not noticed inaccuracies or defective controls, yes, both in races with F1 2022 and shooter with Doom Eternal, the gaming experience has been very satisfactory , always keeping in mind that it is not a professional control, that is clear.

As for the use on Android , the pairing is produced by pressing SYNC + X for 2s , and proof of pairing is that LEDs 1,2 and 3 remain on. Depending on the game, we will have to adjust the controls to the type of control, but once again, during the test with Asphalt 9 the control has been carried out without major problems. The smartphone holder certainly tires the hands quite quickly and is always pushed on the controller to fall forward, but little more can be improved on this aspect than already providing good ergonomics for use .

The vibration system has not worked in a very accurate way, at least in this unit , since sometimes it stays on longer than it should, and also makes the buttons sound while it vibrates , causing a somewhat annoying noise. On the other hand, turbo mode hasn’t given us any advantage at least that we’ve noticed, and auto-fire mode isn’t really very useful depending on what control the controller is assigned for the game in question.

Final words and conclusion about the Krom Kayros

The final balance that we make of the Krom Kayros is positive in many aspects, but not in absolutely all, as there are, at least in our unit, some imperfections in the performance of the vibration system . We trust that the firmware has been updated for controllers intended for public sale.

Among the most interesting advantages that we see in this command is, of course, its compatibility with several platforms , ease of USB or Bluetooth video connection . The battery lasts more than 7 hours of use with RGB and without vibration, fulfilling more or less what was promised, being another advantage of being integrated and not by batteries like other cheap controls. The mobile support is very useful when playing, although its removal is difficult.

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At the level of design and distribution of buttons it also gets a very good grade, a very comfortable result to use and quickly getting used to the hardness of its buttons. Especially the joysticks and triggers are quite good , although some of the buttons will click when we activate the vibration, due to their high play. The configuration system is very complete, but confusing and sometimes we don’t know exactly where we are.

The price of this Krom Kayros will be €39.90, a balanced figure considering that it supports several platforms, has a successful design and button performance, wireless connection and also adds multiple configurable onboard functions. Only a few details remain to be polished, but it is all that a regular player needs to enjoy on the different platforms , especially on PC.


The Professional Review team awards him the gold medal:

KROM Gamepad KAYROS -NXKROMKAYROS- Wired and wireless gamepad, designed for competition, configurable buttons and macros, PC, SWITCH, ANDROID, IOS, RGB LED, smartphone support, black

Elite controller designed for competition; Configurable buttons and frames; Compatible with PC, SWITCH, ANDROID and IOS – Smartphone support included

39,90 EUR

Last updated on 2022-10-31

Krom Kayros

DESIGN – 89%


The Krom Kayros uses a neat Xbox-like layout with a comfortable grip, macros, and 2 programmable buttons. Good option for Xbox Game Pass, Steam and Smartphone for its versatility


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