Review of jbl charge 4 Review

This portable speaker delivers truly powerful bass. Compared to other models, JBL is at the top thanks to its subtle sound. It can be linked with other devices into one system (Connect +) for super powerful sound. And this is only the pinnacle of possibilities, find out about the features in the detailed review of the Jbl charge 4 column below in the text.

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Sound power

Jbl charge 4 trumps sound. It is voluminous and crystal clear. The volume is incredible: it will easily fill the cubic capacity of a two-room apartment without distortion. Heavy lows do not interfere, they sound divided.

Jbl charge 4 specifications.

  1. The lower frequency is 60Hz-75.36Hz (strong and rich bass).
  2. The upper frequencies are 20,000 Hz. The treble (top) is clean and collected.
  3. Signal – 80 dB, high level. Background noise is minimal.
  4. Audio output power is 30 W, which means loud and clear sound.

The audio signal is great for listening to music and audiobooks in high quality.

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To connect a speaker, you need to press the button to turn on the acoustics and activate bluetooth on your phone. You can choose from the offered pairing devices of the gadget, and Jbl e 4 is ready to work.

The control panel and connection ports are located on the outer side wall. Access to three ports is quick: just snap off the cover. Provided:

  1. AUX input
    You can connect another device through the audio connection (3.5mm jack). Diameter will fit most headphones, portable MP3 and DVD / CD players.
  2. USB-Type C
    Designed for recharging. The supplied cable has reversible plugs. If you accidentally pull on the wire, the speaker will not fall, the connector will disconnect from the connector.
  3. USB-A upstream port
    To connect the charging wire of the device.

The volume control is indicated by “+” and “-“. The two middle buttons are:

  • bluetooth pairing that instantly connects the speaker to your smartphone. The data transmission of the audio track will go without delay and pauses;
  • nutrition;
  • connect +;
  • play / stop.

The item “Jbl connect” makes it possible to use the gadget as a loudspeaker. Or, if the need arises, to connect multiple devices into one synchronous system. The sound power of the speakers at one time is quite strong and replaces one dimensional installation. When the above function is on, the power and bluetooth buttons are illuminated by a diode.

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Complete set and design

The Charge 4 model weighs 960.0 g and meets the following parameters:

  • width – 9.5 cm;
  • height – 22.0 cm;
  • depth – 9.3 cm.

Package includes: USB cable and warranty.

The appearance of the device is laconic and strict. The speaker’s fabric braid looks premium and is available in 10 colors. The casing is rubberized under the braid. The side panels of the membrane are made of elastic material with the company logo.

It is a comfortable and compact speaker with IPX7 protection . Water will not damage the device and its ports, even if there is a complete short-term submersion in water.

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Offline performance of the device is up to 20 hours. The manufacturer has achieved this result by increasing the battery capacity. This is 7,500 mAh, which means, in addition to long battery life, also a long battery life. Time for maximum charge is 5.5 hours. The built-in recharge indicator is located on the bottom of the column in the form of five points. They symbolize levels, of which each point is 20% of the charge.

The manufacturer has improved the sound by changing the shape of the speakers and their number. Earlier models have two installed. Jbl charge 4 has one oval-shaped speaker installed on the side of the device. Dimensions: 50 * 90 mm. The power is 30 W and exceeds the capabilities of other models by 1.5 times.

The speaker does an excellent job with bass and highs – they are clean. The leading and side lines in the musical composition are heard clearly and in detail. The sound spectrum of the wave creates the illusion of all-round directionality, which is natural for the “live” performance of music.

Using the example of the table, we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of this model:

  Advantages Shortcomings
Jbl charge 4 Attractive design No microphone for speakerphone
USB port for charging devices The sound of musical compositions is focused on loud bass
Audio cable for charging
  Connect + Charges over 5 hours

The Jbl charge 4 speaker in terms of the described capabilities clearly prevails over other models of the device. Judging by customer reviews, the device captivates with powerful, good sound and bright appearance with the ability to select colors. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty for ideal performance


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