Jbl Live 500BT:Review

Meet the hit of electronics stores – headphones from the famous Jbl Live 500BT brand . A headset with a more attractive price / performance ratio is hard to find on the internet.

Appearance, design, dimensions

There are no special features in the design of the headphones. They are made with high quality, from solid materials. The cups bear the JBL emblem , which is known to millions of music lovers all over the world. This full-size model with a laconic design looks cute on guys and girls. You can buy Jbl 500BT in black , white, red , green, blue. There is a good demand for black (black) headphones, since such cups are not stained.

Weight and size characteristics of Jbl Live 500BT ears:

  • Speaker diameter – 5 cm.
  • Weight – 230 g.

The manufacturer was able to combine a fairly impressive size with an ergonomic design. The ear cushions fit snugly in the auricle, but do not press. You can comfortably listen to music in them for hours. The functionality of the device is designed in such a way that the user can, if necessary, switch to the mode of communication with others, without removing the headphones from the head. Thanks to the rotating mechanism of the bowls, the model is comfortable to wear around the neck.

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Battery and autonomy

The 700 mAh battery provides autonomy while listening to music for 30 hours. This figure is based on wireless sound transmission technology and passive noise cancellation. The authors of many reviews on the Jbl Live 500BT limit themselves to mentioning this indicator, but for the sake of objectivity it is worth mentioning that with occasional use, the headset battery lasts for a week.

The package includes a micro-usb charging lanyard. The manufacturer has not forgotten about the function of fast charging of the battery. It is enough to connect the headphones to a charger or to a laptop / computer for 15 minutes , and you can listen to music for 2 hours. Also included is a cable for transferring sound from a smartphone or computer to headphones. This option can be useful if, for some reason, using bluetooth is impossible or impractical.

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Let’s move on to the most interesting part of the story about the Jbl Live 500BT headphones – an overview of the sound capabilities of the model. Acoustic characteristics are standard for such devices:

  1. Frequency range: 18 – 20,000 Hz.
  2. Resistance – 32 Ohm.
  3. The power limit is 15 mW.

According to the characteristics, it can be seen that the model is mainly focused on receiving sound from smartphones. The design of the on-ear headphones hints that the manufacturer has focused on the bass, ignoring the high frequencies. However, in the reviews, satisfied customers describe a slightly different situation. Low frequencies are really a priority, but in general there is a balance in the width of the range.

The headphones convey music faithfully, especially with a wired connection. Maintain high frequencies. Pleases the absence of defects – incomprehensible freezes, noises, obvious distortions. It is pleasant to listen to electronic music, dance, hip-hop, rock.

After listening to the tracks, users are impressed by the surround, deep sound. These are certainly not studio headphones, but the sound quality is definitely in line with the price of the product. This kind of sound is infrequently capable of producing wireless models. In our case, the bet on a well-known brand justifies itself 100%.

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Naturally, you can adjust the sound volume, move between tracks. Additional functionality has also been implemented:

  1. Voice assistant Google Assistant
    You can, for example, send SMS dialed from your voice without taking your smartphone out of your pocket.
  2. TalkThru technology Pressing
    the button increases the volume of sounds coming from outside. You can talk without removing your headphones.
  3. My JBL Headphones
    This free software allows you to choose the optimal listening mode.
  4. Always Alert Function
    Loud external sounds are heard. This option is useful for those who like to listen to music while walking around the city.

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Price and quality

The ear cushions are made of leatherette – a standard solution for mid-range products. Also, in the manufacture of the headset, the manufacturer used plastic, metal and wear-resistant fabric.

Together with Jbl Live 500BT, we present an overview of the prices and features of the younger and older sisters of this model:

  400W 500W 650W
Diameter of emitters, mm 40 50 40
Design Overhead Overhead, full-size Overhead, full-size
Number of color solutions 5 5 3
Noise suppression Passive Passive Active
Price 2500-3500 3000-4000 3500-4500

The 500BT headset can be called the golden mean in terms of functionality and cost. Compared to the flagship model, it lacks noise cancellation, but for many this option is not relevant. But on the face of the price gain.

In conclusion, we note another useful feature of the 500W headset – multipoint connection. She knows how to communicate via bluetooth with two devices at the same time. For example, a person watches a video on a laptop, the sound goes through headphones. They call him on his smartphone. The headset automatically switches to the conversation, and after it ends, continues to voice the movie.

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