Samsung Galaxy Note 20 review

The Galaxy Note 20 has the smart brains of the Exynos 990. And a couple of super features: a stylus with 26ms responsiveness and cameras with multiple modes. Read more about the Samsung flagship in the review.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 specifications

The smartphone is bulky, but not bulky. Lightweight (192.0 g) and thin, and the small width compared to the thickness (7.72 cm: 0.81 cm) gives the impression of a rectangular notebook. Height 16.48 cm. The screen is comfortable, without rounding to the sides. The device is framed by a thin polished metal frame.

Key Features:

  • display – 6.7 inches, Super Amoled Plus;
  • resolution – 1080 by 2400 with a dot density of 393 ppi. Gives a high definition of the picture;
  • memory – 256 GB built-in, 8 GB RAM (4 GB free);
  • bluetooth 5.0;
  • ANT + – with the ability to connect other devices;
  • Wi-Fi 6;
  • dual-frequency GPS-module – in the blink of an eye finds and shows the location of the object.

Two nano SIM cards are inserted on top of the gadget without the possibility of expanding the memory card. There are two microphones for noise canceling. They are located at the top of the phone on the camera block. At the bottom are the spoken microphone, USB port, speaker and stylus on the left side.

The model’s stereo speakers deliver the highest level of volume and sound. The sound is spacious and deep, the stereo effect is consistently good in films.

Galaxy Note 20 is IP68 certified : completely dustproof, can be submerged up to 1 meter. True, no longer than 30 minutes.

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Battery and charging

Battery with a capacity of 4300 mAh, with the screen always on, works for more than 8 hours. The kit comes with a 25 W charger, which will add 50% of the charge in half an hour.

Enhanced Charging Capabilities:

  • nimble wireless 15 W;
  • reversible 4.5 W – for gadgets that support Wi-Fi. To make a living, you need to put them on the back of your smartphone, for example, headphones, watches.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 camera unit is located on the back of the phone under glass that covers the lenses and protects them from scratches.

Polycarbonate back cover. It is a durable and flexible material that will withstand drops. The color does not fade over time, as it is incorporated into the structure of the material at the manufacturing stage, but it is still plastic. It is better to carry your phone in a case.

Dual Pixel focusing technology eliminates laser aiming as each pixel on the sensor is a focused sensor. Consider the example of a Samsung laptop 20 camera table:

Cameras  Focal length (mm) Peculiarities
Main (12 Mp) 26 Sony IMX 555 sensor gives photos clear and detailed
Telephoto lens (64MP) 27.0 High detail picture, 3x optical zoom
Ultra wide-angle (12MP) 13.0 Viewing angle 120 degrees
Front (10MP) 4K video recording

Video is broadcasted at 8K resolution and up to 120 fps. The device is capable of zooming in 30 times, supports slow motion and tint adjustment. Produces rich pictures in contrast. External and built-in microphones are connected. Added “Pro Mode” for creating professional video with many settings.


Game graphics, video viewing and other demanding programs run at maximum speed.

The smartphone does not heat up. The eight-core Exynos 990 has detailed developments:

  • ARM Mali G77 MP11 GPU with modern Valhall architecture shows usable images. Provides a smooth picture in dynamic scenes of games;
  • artificial intelligence automatically selects lighting, texture, sharpness, brightness for shooting computational photography;
  • DRAM encryption reliably protects smartphone data from memory cloning;
  • iSE storage prevents attackers from accessing payment information.

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Flat and without rounding. Glare-free at the edges, which is convenient when reading and watching movies. The fifth generation of Gorilla Glass protects against scratches, does not break when dropped from a meter height.

The screen transmits up to 16 million colors and is equipped with a blue filter to protect eyesight. Blacks remain bluish blacks while others remain vibrant.

The refresh rate is 60 Hz. It affects the maximum number of frames per second that the screen can display. As a flagship of 2020, which should set standards for years to come, this is a good indicator.

The device has a fingerprint sensor . Only a print of the owner, which is applied to the display, will be able to unlock the smartphone.

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Appearance of standard screens and menus

Samsung is working closely with Microsoft, and this affects the equipment of the phone. You can sync contacts, calendars, and more with your Windows computer. Dex mode broadcasts the screen of a mobile phone to a PC or TV via Wi-Fi, which turns a smartphone into the most computer.

The screen supports:

  • HDR +, which showcases rich video with natural tones;
  • dark mode allows you to display time, date and notifications on the screen off.

The highlight of the Note 20 is the stylus. Touching the screen, it instantly gives the result, as if you were writing with a pen on paper.

The navigation screen supports 5 stylus aerial actions that work clearly.

  1. Left and Back – Moves to the previous interface.
  2. Up and down – to the home screen.
  3. Right and Back – Opens the multitasking menu.
  4. Down and Up – activates the “select” and “save” functions.
  5. Shaking – makes a screenshot of the screen.

The “Convenient Notepad” function is a distinctive feature in comparison with other models. She knows how to do:

  • Notes 

Understanding handwriting.

  • Automatic text alignment

For example: a crooked circle will turn into a perfect circle.

  • Importing PDF files

To edit or add annotation.

  • Voice recording

Which is synchronized with activities and saved in Word format.

Price for Samsung Galaxy Note 20

The cost of the phone is ≈ $ 1000.

In summary, we note that the presented Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is a rethinking of the initial version of Note, which has no analogues if we consider smartphones from other brands.

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