JBL GO 2: sound overview

A tiny speaker with excellent sound is not a fantasy, but the most that neither is reality. Don’t believe me? Then check out the JBL GO 2 speaker review .

Let’s see what the “baby” of the eighteenth year of release is made of, what it has with the sound and how long it lasts in the non-stop track playback mode.

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Appearance, design, dimensions

The mini-djibielka is housed in a super-compact rectangular case made of metal and plastic. The manufacturer did not skimp on the colors: the wireless gadget can be chosen in gray , blue, gold, dark turquoise and 8 more shades.

Unlike its predecessor, the second GO received rounded corners while maintaining an identical form factor. The dimensions of the compact model are 7.12×8.6×3.16 cm.

The front is completely occupied by the speaker grill and JBL lettering . Above, behind a lattice plate, there is a multi-colored LED that notifies about the operating mode of the column. For example, it lights up red when charging, white when pairing with other devices.

Control elements are located on the upper end:

  • on off;
  • connection via Bluetooth;
  • volume control “plus” and “minus”;
  • play / pause, receive a phone call (double tap on the button switches tracks).

At the bottom end, along the edges, there are small rounded legs for more stable placement of the speaker on a horizontal surface.

On the right is the place of the massive plug, under which the connectors are “hidden”: 3.5 mm and microUSB for recharging the gadget. There is also a noise canceling microphone in the notch near the end cap. On the back is the company logo, now embossed.

Considering that the portable device weighs only 180 grams (there is an extended version with the Plus prefix – 237 grams). You can easily take it with you wherever you go by throwing it into your backpack, bag or jacket pocket. GO 2 is protected according to the IPX7 standard, so the gadget can easily withstand moisture and dust, even survive a short drop in water.

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Battery and autonomy

Inside there is a sufficiently capacious 730 mAh battery. For comparison: the compact and more expensive Clip 4 has a 500 mAh battery.

The battery lasts about 5 hours without recharging. But this is its maximum at an average volume of listening to tracks. The more intense the sound and the farther the distance from the gadget from which the music is broadcast, the more actively the battery is consumed.

To fill the energy reserves of the column, a usbish cable is supplied in the kit, albeit without a block. Fast charging is not provided here, so you have to wait 2.5 hours for the battery to fill up to 100%.

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According to user reviews, despite its ultra-compactness, the sound of JBL GO 2 (say, red ) is gorgeous. We look at the characteristics:

Options Meaning
Number of speakers 1 PC.
Acoustic power 3 watts
frequency range 180-20,000 Hz
Signal to noise ratio > 80 dB

The column sounds good, smooth and clean:

  • not bad tops, considering that there is only one driver;
  • the middle is at the level, does not fall through, perfectly balanced;
  • there are not many bottoms, but this is not surprising for such a form factor.

Plays loud and is able to “pump” a small beach or house party.


JBL GO 2 has everything you need, here’s an overview of the main features:

  1. “Bluetooth” -connection (version 4.1) – GO 2 seamlessly connects wirelessly to Android and iOS gadgets , the sound is not interrupted.
  2. Speakerphone – you can take a call and talk over the speakerphone during the speaker and smart connection without reaching for the latter. You can move about 2-3 meters away from the phone.
  3. Mini-jack connector – for connecting headphones and other devices via cable.

GO 2 does not support pairing with other speakers like Flip  or Charge . But even alone it sounds at a level sufficient for use on the street or at home.

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Price and quality

In GO 2 stores, black and other colors cost between 800-1000 UAH. This is a budget option for connoisseurs of compactness and great sound. Judging by the videos of users, the column really endures the effects of moisture, the plastic part resists the appearance of scratches, dents, etc. The assembly is excellent, no squeaks or rattles of the case when the music is turned on at full.

The JBL GO 2 review showed that this “baby” confidently reproduces any musical content, is not fussy in connection with gadgets on different OS, and has a stylish appearance. Withstands not only careful use of the house on the shelf, but also a camping life.


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