How to watch Facebook Watch from your Smart TV?

In Facebook Watch , as the internal platform of the social network, you can find all the videos that are uploaded on it. You can find live broadcasts of your favorite group or artist, video of public figures and videos of pages related to your tastes. Here you will learn how to use this application on your SmartTV.

In this order of ideas, you must bear in mind that in order to perform all these functions provided by the social network on your SmartTV, you must make sure that the television where you want to play it is connected to a streaming device or that your television has it installed from factory.

If your TV doesn’t have Facebook Watch installed, you can go to the app stores of your TV or device and install the app. On the other hand, you must make sure to activate the Facebook Watch function or else this option will not appear.

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  1. How can you install this Facebook Watch ‘APP’ on your Smart TV?
  2. What major brands of Smart TV are supported for this Facebook Watch ‘APP’?
    1. Samsung
    2. LG
  3. Why is your Facebook Watch application not working on your Smart TV?
  4. How to fix so that the Facebook Watch application works correctly?

How can you install this Facebook Watch ‘APP’ on your Smart TV?

With the Facebook Watch application you will be able to watch programs and videos of the platform from a television. What you should do is go to the application store of the platform of your television or the device you are using and download the Facebook Watch TV application. After you download the app, you open it and select the option “start session” and “continue”. An eight-digit code will appear on the screen after this step, which you need to continue.

On your computer or mobile, go to the Facebook / Device page and enter the eight-digit code that you were previously given and select the “continue” option. After a few seconds, the Watch app updates and the setup is complete. You can now watch videos and enjoy all the entertainment provided by the platform. You can also install the application with the Facebook APK on a USB. Certain Smart TVs allow Pendrives and in it you can see their content, if you cannot install Facebook in a conventional way, you can try to download an APK and install it through the Pendrive.

What major brands of Smart TV are supported for this Facebook Watch ‘APP’?

This platform is compatible with Amazon fire TV, Apple TV fourth generation or higher, Android TV, Hisense VIDAA TV after 2020, Samsung Smart TV after 2015, Xbox One, Oculus TV, Portal TV and Devices with Window 10.

You can also go to the settings of your Smart TV and select the option “advanced settings”, in the box you must look for the option with the icon “network”, in it you must verify if you are really connected to the internet, if you are not you should do it a simple setup to connect.

In that same box, select the “general” icon and look for the option “about this TV.” In this option you will see if the software is up to date, to check you just have to select “check for updates”. It should be noted that this tool has other functions such as watching videos with a group of friends using Facebook Watch Party.


Once you have a stable connection, you can install apps on your Samsung Smart TV. This will depend on the model of your television to access the applications you want to install in one way or another. Although the operating system changes, all the televisions of this Smart line allow us to access. From the official Samsung page you have access to the most relevant applications, organized by theme. They can be downloaded for free, although many of them ask for a registration.


LG electronics released support for the Facebook Watch TV application for all webOS smart line TVs produced from 2014 to 2020, where Facebook Watch is available. With the launch of this app , LG TV owners can watch videos and make social connections on Facebook. The application is available in the LG Content virtual store.

Why is your Facebook Watch application not working on your Smart TV?

If this application does not work on your TV, it may be because your TV does not meet the requirements established for the platform. Remember that you must have a Smart TV or have a streaming device. If you meet these requirements and it still does not work, the application may be presenting an error on its platform, but do not worry, here you will find the steps you must follow to solve it.

How to fix so that the Facebook Watch application works correctly?

Various techniques are used to make the Facebook Watch application work correctly and to make the most of your experience. The first method is to restart the TV, make sure not to put it in sleep or standby mode, turn it off, and after a few seconds turn it on again.

The second method has to do with the software update, since you are providing the solution of errors and security of your device, always keep the software updated. Method three talks about reinstalling the app on your TV , with this process you can delete all unnecessary old data such as history and replace it with new data. Follow these steps and we assure you that your application will work again.

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