How to Clear File Browser History in Windows 10?

The Windows 10 operating system brings many new features for PC users, as well as new features that make it easier to use. One of these tasks was the  file browser history or  file browser  history ; We will proceed to explain step by step how you can delete this record so as not to waste your computer’s resources.

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  1. What are the steps to delete your PC’s file explorer history?
    1. Directly from the download folder
    2. Using ‘Shift + Del’ commands
  2. What is the way to clear the cache of your Windows 10 file explorer?
  3. How to know if your PC file browser history is deleted?
    1. Restarting your PC

What are the steps to delete your PC’s file explorer history?

The  history of the Windows 10 browser works in a similar way to that of Internet browsers, that is, they record the searches made by the user. However, this can become a problem for the cache or RAM of your computer if there is a very long history, making it slower when working and even more if ordering the files in your folders is something that you do not usually do and only resort to the use of the search engine.

To solve this, you resort to  clearing the browser’s registry  and there are various methods that you can try, we will tell you what some of them are.

Directly from the download folder

With this method it is used to  eliminate or delete the trash, temporary folders and the history of Windows 10 by opening the “Downloads” or “Downloads” folder, although you can open any folder to erase a specific search record.

  1. Once you have opened the download folder or the one you want, you must click on the search bar.
  2. Once this is done, you will go to the “Search” tab that should be enabled when doing the previous step. There, we locate the option “Recent searches”.
  3. We click and a menu will be displayed with several options and the most important one, the one that interests us at the moment is ” Clear the search history“.
  4. We click on said option and voila, we wait for the process to finish.

Normally, it shouldn’t take that long, but if our history is very full, our PC will take its time to erase all the history from our file browser .

Another valid method that can also be done from the download folder itself or any other, is to right click directly on the address bar, next to the search bar. This will display a menu and at the end of it all is the option to “Delete history”; This method will have the same effect as the previous one explained, except that it is more “direct”.

Using ‘Shift + Del’ commands

With the previous methods we saw how to delete all file browser history, however, what if we only want to delete only one item, or some specific ones? For this task, we have the use of a command or keyboard shortcut  which is:

  • Shift + Del

Of course, it is necessary to first find the result that we want to delete and then use the command. We will tell you what are the steps to follow:

  1. Open any folder on your computer, if you have the search in a specific browser, we recommend opening that folder specifically then.
  2. Then, go to the search bar and start writing the initials of the result you are going to delete.
  3. When it appears, move the mouse cursor to hover over the specific result, but without clicking, only to make it appear preselected.
  4. Finally, use the command we mentioned, that is, “Shift + “

By doing this, you will be able to quickly erase the result you want without erasing the others. You can do it as many times as you want in such a case that there are several specific search results.

What is the way to clear the cache of your Windows 10 file explorer?

When you clear the search history as we told you before, you are in turn clearing the cache memory of Windows 10 explorer,  rather a part of it. The best way to eliminate these “temporary files” that are stored in the cache of our PC and that not only involve search results, but other data, is with third-party programs.

The current antivirus, most of them, come with the functionality of eliminating residual files or garbage, browsing histories (both Internet browsers, such as those of the file explorer), old files and others. Although this can still be customizable and you can specifically choose to  delete the Windows 10 file browser cache .

The problem with this issue is that several of these antivirus require a subscription to be able to unlock this function. However, you can also look for free programs that, although they are not antivirus, are responsible for cleaning our PC , and among them, eliminate this cache.

You can search the web  for programs to clear cache  and install them on your computer, they are easy to use and do not represent major complications; this ensures that you have actually deleted your search history.

How to know if your PC file browser history is deleted?

It is very easy to make sure of this, just open the folder where you have deleted such search records and click on the search browser of the Windows 10 file explorer ; If you have deleted all the history, a menu with any search suggestions should not be displayed, if it was a specific one, the other records should appear, but not the one you deleted.

Also, it is possible that the “Recent searches” option will not appear enabled in the search tab if you have deleted all your history.

Restarting your PC

Always make sure that after making any changes to your PC, such as  clearing the history and cache of your PC’s file browser , restart it, as this ensures that the changes were really made. After restarting it, you can enter File Explorer again and check if the history is present.

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