How to move the documents folder in Windows

The “My documents” folder is used to store personal data in a unified way , this being a profile component. This folder is used by default as the storage location for saved documents.

If you are an administrator, you can use folder redirection to change the location of “My documents”, so that it can be established as a network share. It means that when documents are saved in this folder, the files will be saved in the assigned network location and the administrator can make backup copies and improve the order of the files .

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  1. What’s the difference between changing the location of a folder and changing the destination folder?
  2. What methods are there to change the ‘documents’ folder in Windows?
    1. Set the new destination folder
    2. Change the location of the configured folder
    3. If you have Windows 10

What’s the difference between changing the location of a folder and changing the destination folder?

Those folders that you must change their location are those installed by the Windows system by default. To identify them you need to open the file explorer of the operating system, once opened you will see these folders in the menu that appears on the left. These are named “Downloads”, “Documents”, “Images”, “Music”, “3D Objects” and “Videos”. Once the folders that you are going to change location have been identified , you have the option of using the same folders, but in another location or customizing the folders with other names or icons.

Now, when you want to change the folders that by default come in a different location, what you must do is create new folders, but with different names (if you wish) or with different icons. Using the file explorer you can create a new folder in the location of your choice.

What methods are there to change the ‘documents’ folder in Windows?

The “My Documents” folder can be easily moved , it only requires right-clicking on it on the desktop, then selecting the “Properties” action and the location will appear as the first option. Here you enter the preferred location or select “Move” to navigate to the file, and if necessary, you can create another “My Documents” folder.

If the path does not exist, you will have to create a new folder. Click “Yes” to move the files from the old “My Documents” location to the new one, or if you don’t want to move these files, select “No”. The files from the old location will not be deleted, they will just not be visible in the “My Documents” folder after this change. In a matter of simple steps and a short time, the process is completed. In the same way, remember to delete the junk from the temporary files to avoid conflicts.

Set the new destination folder

Once the folders have been created, you must select them one by one and perform a certain sequence of steps. As a first step, you must click the right button of the folder in question and select the “Properties” option.

In it you must choose what kind of folder you are working with, by default “General elements” is selected. In the same way, you can change the default icon, selecting the option “Change icon”, if you want to return to the initial one, select the option “Restore defaults”. You apply these changes and accept. The steps must be performed with each of the folders you wish to configure, making sure not to skip any of them.

Change the location of the configured folder

Once your folder is configured, it is time to change its location . For this you must open the “File Explorer” and see where the folders are currently. Following this, once they appear on the left side of the screen, proceed to select the right button on the folder that you are going to move and select the option “properties”, open the “location” tab and within it you will have many options, look for the option “move” and select it.

A window will open where you must indicate the location of the folder created previously and select it, select the option “select folder” and then the option “Apply”. They will ask you if you are sure about this, if so, select “Yes”. Once you accept, everything will be moved to the new location and we close the process with “Accept”.

If you have Windows 10

It is possible to make this change of location through the settings offered by Windows 10 , however, with this alternative you will not be able to customize the folder nor will you be able to choose its name. This means that they will be the same as the default, but in another location. To carry out this process you must first enter Windows 10 “Settings”, followed by this you must select the “System” option and select “Storage”. You look for the place with “More storage settings” and underneath you select “Change storage location for new content.”

From this moment you will see the folders where the files will be saved . In each of the options, you must click on the list that appears and you will see all the units on the computer, proceed to choose where to save the default content and select “Apply”. You can restart your computer once you get to that point.

As a last piece of information, remember to make backup copies frequently , since if you make a bad step with any folder on the system, you can cause damage to your operating system.

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