How to watch Apple TV + on an Android mobile

Apple’s movies and series platform, which also includes its subscription service, does not have an application for Android mobiles , but it does for Android TV . Despite this, it is possible to see from Ted Lasso to The Morning Show on a smartphone: we tell you how.

Although Apple offers an excellent Android application for its music platform , it does not do the same with its subscription video platform: there is no generic Apple TV + app for Android phones and tablets . It is possible to install the Android TV APK, but it does not work on touchscreens. Although there is a universal method: the web browser. Its operation does not involve difficulties.

From the web you can see all Apple TV +

The Apple TV + web app interface makes it easy to use

Yes, there is no application adapted to Android mobiles, but it is possible to access all the content from the Apple website. Its use is intuitive, the interface adapts to the basic multimedia controls, the reproduction is of sufficient quality and offers access to advanced functions ; like subtitles and language switching.


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In addition to playing Apple TV + content through the browser, and offering access to movies and series purchased on Apple TV, the company offers a web app with which to access the benefits of Apple TV + as if it were an Android application . The process to access Ted Lasso , The Morning Show , Foundation and other content is as follows:

  • Enter the web from the browser of your Android mobile.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID. You probably have to authorize access on one of your company devices.
  • You may have to authorize the reproduction on the web with the card details. This is mandatory for family accounts.

It is worth adding the web app to the desktop

  • Once you access Apple TV + you will be able to play all the content from the browser, but the most practical thing is to install the web app. Click on the three menu items and select ” Add to home screen“.
  • You will have access on your desktop: move it wherever you want.

With the web application you will have access to the entire Apple TV + catalog in a comfortable way and without waiting for Apple to finally develop a native Android application. Its operation is correct, the reproduction is stable and of sufficient quality , at least according to our tests.

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