How to watch mobile videos on Android Auto

At the moment it is not possible to play your videos on Android Auto, although the developers have managed to bring this functionality unofficially. To watch YouTube videos there is Cartube and to watch videos that you have saved on your mobile in Android Auto , a very easy to use application is Local Video Player .

Local Video Player is one of those unofficial Android Auto applications such as AA Mirror Plus , IPCarTV or Fermata Auto with which you can do something relatively simple: send videos to the Android Auto screen as if it were a kind of Chromecast, something that you should only to do when the car is parked.

Install Local Video Player on Android Auto

The first thing you’ll need is Local Video Player, which you won’t find on Google Play. The easiest way to install it is to use AA Store , an unofficial application store for Android Auto that makes the task quite easy. You can download AA Store from a Telegram channel.

After installing AA Store, open the application and you will find a list of unofficial Android Auto applications ready to download. Tap on Local Video Player and then hit the Install button . If this is your first time using AA Store, you will need to give the app permission to use the storage and install apps.

Local Video Player is quite small, about 15MB, so downloading is fast. When it finishes downloading, you will need to click Install to start the installation of Local Video Player on your mobile.

Give permission

Now comes the time to open Local Video Player for the first time, on mobile. You need to press Proceed and then give permission to access the photos and multimedia files , otherwise you will not be able to broadcast the videos to the car screen. When you do, you can close the app.


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Send the video to the car

Local Video Player works something like a Chromecast: from the mobile you send the videos to the car , instead of selecting them on the car screen, as it happens with other similar applications. Therefore, when you want to see a video in Android Auto, you must select it on your mobile in the gallery application or similar.

Open the video on your mobile and use the Android share menu to choose the Watch on car option , which will use the Local Video Player application to automatically broadcast the video to the Android Auto screen.

The best part is that you don’t need to do anything else and you don’t even need to touch the Android Auto screen at all. Playback starts automatically , switching applications automatically. Of course, you can tap on the screen to advance or delay the video to a specific moment.

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