Getir: How to get promo codes and discounts

Getir is a technology company founded in 2015 by Nazim Salur, Tuncay Tutek and Serkan Borancili, two of them being founders of other leading mobile applications in the country of Turkey, such as the most popular taxi application in Turkey BiTaksi.

The Getir application is an ultra – fast delivery service for grocery items as well as cleaning and personal hygiene items, in short, with Getir you can make almost any purchase from the comfort of where you are. Getir promises to bring purchases to the door of your home or any location you contribute in just ten minutes.

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  1. How can I access the list of discounts that Getir has for its users?
  2. How can I redeem my Getir promotional codes?
  3. Can I request a discount at Getir because an order is very large?
  4. Are there gift vouchers at Getir?
  5. How to take advantage of the offer in the first order Is there the offer?

How can I access the list of discounts that Getir has for its users?

The first thing to keep in mind to access the list of Getir discounts is that you have to download and install the Getir application from its official website or from the Play Store or App Store application library .

Getir always has discounts on hundreds of products from many brands for its users. All you have to do to see these discounts is to follow the steps below.

  • Download the Getir app on your Android or Apple device
  • Install the app
  • Register with Getir (this includes entering data such as name, address where you want your orders to arrive, email and, of course, credit card number)
  • View the “Offers” option at the top of the screen. You can also view these from the “Promotions” icon at the bottom right of the menu.

At this point you will be able to see all the offers and promotions that Getir has in real time so that you can place your order, track it in real time and receive it in a matter of just minutes. It is important to note that if Getir has assigned you a promotion exclusively for you, you will be able to view it in the same list.

How can I redeem my Getir promotional codes?

It is very common for Getir to give promotional discount codes to its users to make their purchases, although it is also common to find offers on products that you normally choose for your orders. You can use these promotional codes whenever you want just by selecting it from the “Offers” list when paying for your order.

To redeem Getir promotional codes, you just have to choose the discount promotional code you want to use when paying for an order . This option can be found after you choose the product or products you are going to buy.

When you get to the part of the payment process, select “Select offer”, here you select an offer (in case there are several in the list), or select the option “Add Promotional Code” . At this point is where you will select the discount promotional code you want to use.

Can I request a discount at Getir because an order is very large?

Getir is a Startup company very condescending with its users, it always has products in promotions and discounts . In addition to giving away promotional codes.

It is for this reason that discounts cannot be requested at Getir even though it is a large order. It is important to note that Getir orders must exceed ten Euros and cannot be excessively large (in terms of weight and volume) for the safety of the distributors and so that they arrive in the established time.

As we have already said, Getir does not have the possibility of requesting a discount on large orders, however, it cares about the economy of its users and about meeting the expectations in accordance with the application, so that in the first purchase it offers a quite generous discount in addition to the fact that the first five deliveries are totally free, however, later on they will have to contribute a relatively low sum for the distribution of the orders.

Getir’s service is available twenty-four hours a day for its users and is currently available in different cities in the United Kingdom, Turkey and Spain.

Are there gift vouchers at Getir?

Getir’s company does not have a gift voucher system, since this system can be used to carry out some kind of scams on its users by other people. However, it has a similar system that is that of promotional codes . In this way, Getir users are not affected because this company does not have gift vouchers.

These promotional codes, unlike gift vouchers, are given directly to the user in their Getir account by the same administration of the application. The same happens with discounts, promotions and offers. There are offers prepared exclusively for a user with products that he himself frequents in his orders.

How to take advantage of the offer in the first order Is there the offer?

Getir users get a fairly generous amount of discount for their first order, in addition to the delivery discount on the first five orders . This is very beneficial both for the Getir company , since it gains more popularity in the market and for the users of the application, since they get a discount on their first order.

The best way to take advantage of this discount is by making a purchase where you can get exactly what you need in terms of food, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items. Trying that this order exceeds fifteen Euros (€ 15) which is the discount of offer for being the first order that the user places in Getir.

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