How to get discounts and codes in Getir to use in promotions?

If there is something that Getir has become so popular in a very short time, it is because of its system of discounts and promotional codes. Thanks to them, any user can get a considerable discount when buying , which motivates them to continue using the app.

Therefore, if you like to use Getir, you should know how their promotions work. Read on to find out how to access them, how to redeem them and how much money you will save with each one .

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  1. Where can I see the discounts that Getir offers?
  2. What is the correct way to redeem a code on Getir?
  3. Is there a discount for placing a larger order?
  4. Are there gift vouchers at Getir?
  5. Offer or discount on the first order. Is it real?

Where can I see the discounts that Getir offers?

If you want to see these discounts, you must first have the official Getir app installed . Therefore, be sure to download it on your mobile. After that you will have to go through the registration process, in which you will be asked for various information:

  • Home address ( where the products you buy will arrive).
  • Full name.
  • Credit Card Number.

As soon as you have provided this information, you will become an authorized Getir user . Now simply enter the application (whether you have Android or iOS), go to the upper section and click on “Offers”.

Instantly all the promotions and discounts that Getir is offering at that time will be displayed. The best thing is that they are constantly updated, so if you are seeing a particular offer it is because it is still available .

Finally, we must add that the promotions that the company has given you will also appear in that section. Consequently, you will not have to enter any other part of the app .

What is the correct way to redeem a code on Getir?

As we already said, Getir has a habit of rewarding its users with promotional codes. There are several types, but usually they work as discounts on a product that you want to order .

Now, using the codes is very simple. The application itself, when you are paying for the item, gives you two options to choose whether or not to apply the discount.

The first is “Select Offer” . Click on it to show all the promotions that Getir offers. Choose the one you want and click on it. Ready! The app will automatically apply the discount.

The other option is “Add promotional code” . If you choose this, a window will open in which all the codes will appear. To choose one, simply click on it. The payment processor will then subtract the discount from the total amount to be paid.

Is there a discount for placing a larger order?

It is true that Getir has become very popular for its system of discounts and promotional codes (as we have seen throughout the article). Unfortunately, there is no condition to discount the price based on the weight or size of the product .

There is much discussion on this matter, which for some is somewhat unfair. But you have to consider that the promotions of this company are already quite good. And it is even difficult to find them in other apps.

On the other hand, you should consider that Getir’s policies establish certain limits on the size and weight of the items you can order . This is because the company tries not to expose its distributors to any risk , while at the same time seeking to ensure that they can deliver orders within 10 minutes.

However, there is a good part in all that, and that is that Getir gives you a pretty good gift discount on the first five home deliveries. Each of them will be completely free .

Are there gift vouchers at Getir?

At least to date, Getir has not announced the possibility of including gift vouchers in its offers . Although the company has not said why, it is likely due to the long history of scams that system has had in other applications.

Of course, that does not necessarily mean that they cannot appear in the future. But for now you will have to settle for promotional codes, which have several advantages:

  • They are assigned directly to your account – you don’t have to do anything to get these codes. Just wait for Getir herself to give you one, which she does quite often (without a limit to the number of codes you can receive).
  • They are personalized: the codes will not arrive at random. Getir will assign them to you based on your searches, so that you can apply them to products that you are really interested in purchasing.

Offer or discount on the first order. Is it real?

This offer is totally real . Getir offers you an excellent discount on the first order you request . The total discount is 15 euros, so you have to look for a product that costs no less than that.

If the price equals the discount, the item will be free . And if instead it costs more, you will still be saving up to 80% of the original cost, as the case may be.

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