How to put a background image to a Google Keep note

Google Keep, like the rest of Google applications, is being renewed with the Material You design . In this way, it receives new colors that change according to the wallpaper, new widgets and, incidentally, a novelty that was not before, being able to put a background image to the notes .

Although it was possible for a long time to set a background color, the customization ended there. Now Google Keep adds nine backgrounds for the notes, in addition to the twelve existing colors. At the moment it is not possible to use your own images.

Decorate your Google Keep notes

With the redesign of Material You, the background colors for Google Keep notes have lost intensity, but in exchange you can change them to background images , with a much more attractive result than the spot colors.

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Adding a background image to a note is just as easy as changing the background color. First, open the note, then press the icon of the color palette and you will see that, in addition to having a row to choose the color, there is another to choose the background . At the moment there are a handful of varied funds to choose from.

A curious fact is that it is possible to choose a color and background for a note. If a note has a background, the background color is not technically visible -except in the form of an icon- but it will help you to continue using the search for notes by their color, since it is not possible to filter notes by their background image , at least for now.

This novelty seems to be already active for users of the latest version of Google Keep available on Google Play, coming together with the Material You redesign. What doesn’t seem to be available to everyone yet is the new X-shaped widget

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