How to download Fortnite on Android

If you have an Android mobile that is not compatible with Fortnite, do not worry, because we bring you the solution so that you can install the game on any Android device even if it is not compatible. We will only need some patience and an Android mobile.

Fortnite is one of the most popular games of the moment , it has been on the podium of the best games for consoles and PC for years, so a while ago its version for Android came out , but it could only be installed on mobiles that meet a series of very requirements. strict, so the mobile catalog was very small.

Then Google and Apple entered into an eternal fight with Epic Games (founder of Fortnite) and removed their application from their respective app stores , so Epic Games was forced to do things for the same, so in order to install Fortnite you will have to do it from its website and through the installer, which is compatible with Android and iOS.

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Install Fortnite on any Android with its APK

In order to install Fortnite you will have to download the Epic Games installer and then choose Android as the version to download. Then you will get the installer to have the Epic Games app and once inside you will have to install Fornite, in the event that your device is not compatible, a message will appear informing you of this.

At this point, you already know that your mobile is not compatible with Fortnite , but do not worry because we will show you how you can install it on any Android device, although we do not ensure that it works perfectly, since you may want to install it on a mobile that does not meet the minimum requirements.

You just have to follow these steps to install Fortnite on your mobile:

  • Access the APKPure website to download its app, which works like any other application store.

Web: APKPure

  • Then search for “fortnite” in your search engine.
  • Now click on “Install” .
  • A message will appear informing you that the download has started , it will take a while.
  • A message may appear to give APKPure permission to install apps on your device, check the box and continue the download.
  • Once downloaded, click on “Install” again .
  • Then another window will appear in which we will have to click on “Install” again.
  • When it is finished we will have Fortnite on our Android mobile and we will be able to play as long as we want, although we may have some performance problems.

Fortnite may warn you that you do not have the latest version of the game , so it will not let you play. The only solution is to wait for APKPure to upload the latest version of the game to be able to update it, but don’t worry, because it usually doesn’t take long to launch.

Another important fact that you need to know is that as we have mentioned before, even if you install Fortnite on your non-compatible mobile, for that reason the game may not work completely correctly and if your mobile has a 32-bit processor, forget about being able to play because it is the prerequisite for the game to work on an Android device.

Now that you know how you can install Fortnite on any Android mobile, even if it is not compatible , you will surely seek the long-awaited masterful victory that every player or “squad” seeks in their games. In addition, installing Fortnite from an external app store such as APKPure is totally legal and does not carry any risk, only that its final version takes longer to arrive.


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