How To Remove the background of an image with Microsoft Word

Strange, but I just learned about the Direct Image Background Removal feature in Microsoft Office and found it worth sharing with TWC readers here.This feature helps you remove the background with just a few clicks and can help you make the subject stand out in your photo by removing the background. You can remove the background of any image using Word, PowerPoint, or even Excel.

Remove background from image

Paste the picture into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. I am using Microsoft Word here.

  • Go to “Format Painter” and click on the picture. The Format tab opens in Word.
  • Click on “Remove Background” and you will get the selection lines in the picture. Use the grips to select the area you want to keep and exclude the areas you want to remove. The canceled areas will turn purple.
  • Take a look at this image, which shows the selection line markers and the background removal line.
  • Click “Save Changes” once you’re done with your selection. If you’ve done it wrong, you can always reset the image and do it again. You can also undo all changes by clicking Revert All Changes.

In addition, you can also add various color effects and reflections to the edited image. You can add these effects to original images as well as to an image with a background removed.

  • Bug fixes. This feature includes almost all the effects commonly used in photo editing applications, such as adding shadows, glows, brightness, contrast, and sharpness.
  • Color. This function allows you to add different colors, color saturation, and colorization options to the image.
  • Artistic effects. This tab allows you to add various artistic effects to the image.
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