How to set background photo in LinkedIn Background?

Within the LinkedIn platform, having a profile background photo is very important, first because users can easily recognize each other and second because it will help you have much more visibility within the application, that is, users will be able to run into your profile more easily. If you still don’t know which photo to choose for LinkedIn or you don’t know how to set it, we will help you.

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  1. How to put a background photo on LinkedIn with its correct measurements?
  2. Why is the photo I uploaded to LinkedIn not uploading and how to fix it?
    1. The image size and dimension settings are not correct
    2. Select file type
    3. browser cache
  3. What to do to completely remove my background photo on LinkedIn?

How to put a background photo on LinkedIn with its correct measurements?

You can add the LinkedIn background photo from the application, which you can download from Google Play  or directly from the website.

What is really necessary is that you have the image with the appropriate measurements saved on your computer or on your mobile device so that you can easily find it in the gallery and that it does not look pixelated. Follow the steps that we show you below so that you can put a background photo on LinkedIn correctly.

  • Go to the application or the web page and click on the icon that says ‘I’; located at the top of the screen.
  • Then you have to go to your profile.
  • Within your profile you will find a camera icon in the upper right corner, select it.
  • Click on the ‘Upload Photo’ option, a window will open for you to choose the photo you want to upload. Find the image, select it, click ´Open´ and then ´Apply´

Why is the photo I uploaded to LinkedIn not uploading and how to fix it?

When uploading a photo to LinkedIn, several factors intervene that make it not load properly on the page or application. We will explain some of these reasons; however, the one that most often affects is the size and weight of the image, so it may be useful to use a page to compress the image.

The image size and dimension settings are not correct

The appropriate specifications to upload a background image on LinkedIn are: It must be a JPG or PNG file, that it measures 1584 wide X 396 high ( Sometimes LinkedIn accepts other measurements , but these are the recommended pixels) and that the weight is lower to 8MB.

To reduce the weight of the image, it is best to use a web converter such as Compressor, it is one of the most practical. Using these measures, the platform will not present you with problems when uploading a photo or image.

Select file type

The type of file accepted by LinkdIn is JPG or PNG, if the image you have does not correspond to these files, then the problem will arise when uploading it. One of the formats not compatible with the LinkedIn platform is WebP, so if you have an image in this format , you would have to convert it to JPG or PNG.

browser cache

The browser’s cache tends to save the images you use so that you can have quick access to them in case you need them again.

This could affect the moment you upload a background image to LinkedIn that you have converted or edited beforehand as the browser can recognize the one that is not fixed and intercede in the process of uploading the correct image.

In this case, it is recommended that you clear your browser’s cache and try again to upload the image with the correct specifications. It should be noted that all this works both in a personal account and also in a business account that you are creating , after you review all the points that we mentioned, you will see that you can upload the background image with ease.

Another important point to keep in mind is that the background image you upload may change its appearance based on the size of your computer or mobile device screen. It is also recommended that you read LinkedIn’s conditions of use, so that your image meets the requirements demanded by the platform.

What to do to completely remove my background photo on LinkedIn?

The images you upload in the background on LinkedIn have the option to be changed, relocated or deleted at any time. You can do this at the time you decide it’s time to transform your profile, to do so follow the steps that we show you now.

  • The first thing you should do is open the LinkedIn page and click on the ‘I’ option, this will redirect you directly to your profile.
  • You have to click on ´View Profile´ and then press on your background image.
  • Three options will appear: Drag, Delete Photo, Change Photo. Select the ‘Delete Photo’ option.
  • Click ‘Apply’ and then press the ‘Save’ option. With this your background image will be removed.

Remember that the profile background image not only gives your profile a better presentation but it will also help your profile to be found faster. After you make all the edits you deem convenient, both in the image and in the rest of the profile, you can create the publications you want on the platform. 


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