Icecream Photo Editor: Free photo editing software

The daily use of social networks has given way to many people who are passionate about photography to publish interesting content that could satisfy not only their souls, but also the economic side by exploiting advertising and dedicated platforms. In this continuous evolution of the web related to photography it is increasingly important to rely on software capable of editing photos easily and with more features .

As you know, the most famous programs such as Photoshop require a paid license, unfortunately not cheap. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to focus on a paid program, you can opt for a free photo editing program like Icecream Photo Editor , capable of satisfying your content creator requests, reducing expenses to zero.


  • Icecream Photo Editor – a simple and free photo editor for Windows 10/11
  • Icecream Photo Editor – Features overview
    • Add text to photos
    • Add filters and stickers
    • Resize and crop
    • Rotate and flip your images
    • Enhance images
    • Blur photos
    • Add frames to photos
    • Create photo collages
  • Icecream Photo Editor: Main features
    • Free and without ads
    • Minimal and clean user interface
    • Supported formats
    • How to organize your photos
    • Edit photos like a pro
  • How to use Icecream Photo Editor
  • Minimum system resources required
  • Conclusions

Icecream Photo Editor – a simple and free photo editor for Windows 10/11

Icecream Photo Editor is certainly among the most interesting programs for editing photos. Developed purely for Windows operating systems, it primarily allows you to edit images in the most popular formats, such as JPG , GIF and BMP , but also the most sought-after TIFF and PNG . Let’s see in detail what it can offer you and if it is suitable for the realization of your compositions, whether they are related to work or to pure pleasure and imagination.

Icecream Photo Editor – Features overview

Although Icecream Photo Editor is free image software for Windows PCs , it offers many features to those who really use it . To get a complete picture of what you can do with this editor, let’s analyze the most important functions.

By placing the mouse on the icons in the command bar at the top, you will find out what they are for.

Add text to photos

One of the most used functions is that of inserting text into images . To do this, once the program has been started and the image has been dragged into the editor, all you have to do is click on the T-shaped icon , Add Text , to select the font, size and other characteristics of the text . Everything will be fast and particularly functional, especially if you love simple but useful commands, such as text opacity and shadow.

Add filters and stickers

Another particularly interesting feature is the one for adding filters and stickers , this will be very useful especially if you want to create content for the most famous social networks, such as Instagram . To add a filter you will have to click on the icon of the three spheres , Filters , and select in the right sidebar the one you want to import and attach to the photo.

Resize and crop

A true image editor also allows you to crop and resize photographs, Icecream Photo Editor is definitely no less. In the command bar, located at the top, you will find the Resize and Crop function in the last two icons . Just click on it and edit your photo.

Rotate and flip your images

Maybe you took a picture with your smartphone and in your haste you set the camera vertically instead of horizontally, in which case you need a function that allows you to rotate it . By clicking on the icon labeled Rotate and Flip you can flip or reposition the right format. In a few seconds you can then save the result on the Desktop or on the device you want.

Enhance images

Function that made this free photo editing program popular , considering that it is usually not present in open source programs , is the one for image enhancement . By clicking on the magic wand icon , Image Enhancement , you will be able to make advanced adjustments to your photo, such as exposure , contrast , highlight , shadows , color , saturation , temperature and tint .

Blur photos

If you use social networks a lot, you will know very well how important privacy is, photographs are often taken in public and it is necessary to obscure the faces of passers-by. With this editor you can blur your photos in a few seconds , you will have to click on the drop icon , select the size of the brush and the strength of the blur . Finally, clicking on the photo will automatically blur the highlighted part.

Add frames to photos

It also combines perfectly with these functions to add frames to your images . Once you have imported the photograph into the editor, by clicking on the frame icon you can choose two options: Frames and Color . The first allows you to select a type of frame within the database, with the second you can change the color of the same.

Create photo collages

In case you are a collage enthusiast, then the dedicated function could save you a lot of time for the realization of this type of graphic composition. Click on the Collage Creator icon and select the composition you prefer from the catalog. There are several, with which you can also change the size of the frame and color.

Icecream Photo Editor: Main features

The functions present in this free photo editor for Windows allow you to create and edit most images, but what are the features that should make you choose this software over a paid solution?

Free and without ads

The first reason is to be found precisely in the free cost , in fact, once you download the program you will have all the functions unlocked. Besides being free, Icecream Photo Editor doesn’t even have banner ads .

Minimal and clean user interface

By accessing the program you will notice how easy it is to use and how the image editing interface has been developed to be fast and practical.

Supported formats

Although it is a free version, this editor supports several formats, specifically the ones we have tested are: BMP , TIFF , GIF , JPG , JPEG and PNG .

How to organize your photos

The program allows you to view all your images in a single location, in fact, there is a photo manager , called Library , visible at the bottom left, and with which you can organize your work in an orderly manner and without annoying duplicates on your PC .

Edit photos like a pro

You will have noticed how the many functions available allow you not only to modify the images, but also to take advantage of a more advanced system, just like in a professional program . You will be able to produce excellent works without affecting your budget.

How to use Icecream Photo Editor

First of all you need the program. Connect to the official website and press the Download button for free to have Icecream Photo Editor on your Windows PC and proceed with the installation of the photo_editor_setup.exe file . Start the program, setting the Italian language and accepting the license agreement.

At the end of the installation and you will see a screen where you will be asked to search for an image from your PC ,  create a new one or Gallery , to view all the images already loaded in the Icecream Photo Editor folder that the program will create during installation. Import the photograph and you will be taken to the editing interface.

Have fun modifying your image with the functions that we have analyzed previously and once completed, just click on the Save button , present in the upper right corner in green color, or press File in the upper left corner and then on Save .

By clicking on Settings (gear icon) at the top right, you can access various options, such as language, file saving path, theme and information sharing.

Minimum system resources required

Usually such a complete video editor requires high-performance hardware, but we tested Icecream Photo Editor on different configurations and we found no problems even on components from several years ago.

Specifically, you will need Windows 11 , 10, 8.1, 8 or Windows 7 as minimum requirements , with an Intel or AMD processor with a core of at least 2.66 GHz , a RAM memory of at least 4GB , a 1024×768 display and a s storage space of 100MB-5GB .


To edit photos Icecream Photo Editor has proved to be a valid alternative, even to some paid software. Surely the image enhancement functions are not comparable to those of Photoshop, but they will be more than enough to obtain excellent results. The absence of banner ads is a plus point that puts it in an advantage over other open source programs.


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