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Despite the fact that iPhones have never shone at the top of the DxOMark ratings , they shoot photos and videos just fine. That only is the HDR mode, which takes recording to a qualitatively new level. However, shooting using the standard software is possible only for a city day fireworks, which you will never show to anyone. But videos that are more interesting in content, which are to fly to social networks, are usually flavored with some kind of filters and special effects. Basically, most social networks like Insta offer some basic editing tools, but many are not satisfied with them. Hence, we will look for alternatives.

You can also edit video on iPhone. The main thing is to choose the right editor

Obviously, if you just want to add some subtle effect to the video , then a basic set of filters will suffice. Convert the video to black and white, brighten, lighten or, conversely, darken – Instagram can handle all of this. However, if your task is not to edit a cool video like everyone else, you need to resort to specialized video editors on your phone . Fortunately, there is such a bulk in the App Store . But we are only interested in the best, right?


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  • 2The best video editor for your phone
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  • 5Automatic video editing for iPhone
    • 1Which video editor to choose

iMovie for iPhone

iMovie is perhaps the most widely used editor among iOS users

If you don’t want to bother with third-party software, Apple has a great solution for you – iMovie . This is a full-time video editor with a wide range of editing tools, which is equally suitable for those who are just starting their journey in editing, and those who already understand something about it.

iMovie offers a variety of templates that already include both visuals and audio. Thanks to them, you can simply choose one of 14 presets with beautiful graphics, the right color scheme and popular music, and apply all this to your video.

IMovie has quite a few simple editing tools

Users who understand a little more about editing can take advantage of a more advanced package of editing tools. Here you have cinematic transitions, 13 video filters to personalize the visual style of the video, and the function of acceleration or deceleration, and even a green screen mode.

What’s especially cool is that iMovie is a cross-platform video editor that is compatible with both iOS and macOS. Therefore, you can start a project on a smartphone and finish it on a computer, or vice versa. And if necessary, you can send it to the cloud or transfer it wirelessly via AirDrop.

The best video editor for your phone

FilmoraGo has a wide range of editing tools

FilmoraGo is my personal favorite, surpassing even iMovie in terms of available editing tools and versatility. Not only does this app support iOS and macOS, but it is also compatible with alternative platforms such as Windows and Android.

How many times have you watched YouTube videos that, although filmed on a regular iPhone, have a picture of a real movie? It’s all about color grading, which video editing apps like FilmoraGo perform to the highest standard. It is enough to choose one of the many visual styles and effects and apply them to the video.

FilmoraGo comes in handy when creating unique Instagram Stories

FilmoraGo – even in its mobile version – has a very neat cropping and stitching tool . Thanks to him, you will get completely cinematic transitions between scenes or, conversely, a sharp artistic end that no one expected from you, as a editing director.

Download FilmoraGo

If necessary, a video edited in FilmoraGo can be supplemented with text captions that will either briefly describe what is happening on the screen or precede the video itself. In general, there are a lot of applications. It remains only to choose the appropriate style and apply it to the visual design.

How to make slideshow with music

VidLab is very good as a video editor for stories

Many users prefer not to shoot the entire video, but to make it from slicing photos, connecting them with effective transitions and adding musical accompaniment to them. Usually this is enough to congratulate a person on his birthday or just remember some moments from life.

Naturally, this kind of video does not require advanced editing software. Here you can get by with something simpler. For example, the VidLab application . It has a large selection of fonts with different styles and animation transitions, so you can easily add text to your slideshow.

VidLab can make both a beautiful story and a full-fledged Hollywood-style trailer

However, the editing tools of this video application are not limited to this. VidLab offers a variety of filters that change the visual style of the entire video, special effects that simulate natural phenomena and much more. If you want to add a video a sad mood – add rain, and if you want a funny one – add sun rays.

Keep in mind that VidLab, like many other editing apps, involves watermarking videos when using the free version. Therefore, if you want to get a clean job, you will need to pay a paid tariff to remove all watermarks from the screen.

Adobe Premier Rush Video Editor

Adobe makes very versatile editors for pros and newbies

The Adobe Premier Rush application is one of the most famous solutions for video editing and processing, which is closer in functionality to the professional segment. The first thing that indicates this is the ability to shoot video in 4K format for later editing.

Editing in Adobe Premier Rush is presented in the form of a track, divided into segments, each of which you can change as needed. If you wish, you can apply one effect to one frame and make it so that it is replaced by a frame with a different effect, which makes it possible to achieve high dynamics of the video.

Adobe Premier Rush offers a wide range of video editing tools

Since this is a near-professional editing tool, a multi-track mode is available here. Thus, you can work with several projects, combining them in whole or in part, diluting one video with frames from another, or, if necessary, slow down and speed up them one by one.

A hallmark of Adobe Premier Rush is its wide selection of audio tracks that you can apply to your videos. In total, more than 1000 compositions are available in the range of the application, including the classic ones. However, a paid subscription is required to unlock the full suite of audio and filters.

Automatic video editing for iPhone

Magisto app makes editing easy by taking care of it

Still, they want our smartphones to have a “shoot nice” button, instead of choosing a favorable angle, the right lighting, and then editing the shot by hand. With the Magisto app , you get roughly what you want. At least in part, because it makes editing easier by using AI.

Like most video editors, Magisto offers a standard list of editing tools :

  • Special effects
  • Color correction
  • Filters
  • Animation
  • Deceleration and acceleration
  • Text accompaniment

Editing a beautiful video is not that difficult

However, if you do not want to do manual editing of the video, you can use the built-in artificial intelligence, which independently transforms the video in accordance with the visual style of your choice, automatically selecting special effects and musical accompaniment.

Despite partial automation, Magisto offers manual editing as well. You can crop the video, add animation to it, add visuals that enhance the effect on perception, dilute the video with photos and collages, and even change the order of frames during playback.

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