5 Best Video Editing Programs For Youtube

YouTube is a broad platform of highly varied content, both in its style and in its creators. Due to this, it will be necessary to offer something perhaps not new, but innovative and of quality in order to attract the attention of Internet users and make our YouTube channel famous. This is where the use of programs to edit our audiovisual material comes into play .

Whether we do it from a desktop computer or Android device . This may be a good way to quickly and safely improve the quality of our videos before uploading them to the internet, correcting any mistakes we make in the process and thus allowing other users to enjoy the exclusive content of our channel.

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  1. Why should I use a video editor and not upload them directly to my YouTube channel?
    1. Quality improvement
    2. Customize the content completely
  2. What apps can I download on Android for video editing?
    1. Adobe Premiere
    2. Final Cut Pro X.
    3. Vegas Pro
  3. What are the best editors for Windows PC that I can download?
    1. Windows Movie Maker
    2. Blender Video Editor
    3. FilmoraPro
  4. What programs can I use to edit a video from my Mac?
    1. Lightworks
    2. iMovie
    3. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor
    4. Pinnacle Studio 19
    5. Final cut pro

Why should I use a video editor and not upload them directly to my YouTube channel?

Having started on YouTube by creating an account from our android or pc is one step less to have our audience. YouTube contains a great deal of material to its credit. This means that our raw material may or may not be something else from the heap, by deciding to use editing programs we can give it that unique touch that our channel requires to be famous.

Improvements in video quality, resolution, special effects and divided screens are one of the ways in which we can affect our audiovisual material once we decide to use an editing program that adapts to our way of working and experience.

Quality improvement

Most of the editing programs that we will show below have a priority and that is to improve the quality of our videos. Whether with the type of lighting, contrast or cuts in the video frames where errors exist, we can considerably improve our material. Some programs will be in charge of improving their resolution and final format. Therefore, when talking about quality, we will not only take into account the visibility of the content itself but also its generality.

Customize the content completely

We already take into account the improvement of the quality of the audiovisual material that we produce, but these editing tools will allow us to personalize our videos. Cutouts, overlays, effects and other sounds that we can enter will give our channel a more unique perspective, having the possibility of doing something unique and distinguishable for ourselves and other Internet users.

What apps can I download on Android for video editing?

Android devices are usually very useful and taking into account that they can be used to access our YouTube channel, edit and upload material, it is good that we bear in mind that we can download editing programs or applications for them. This is the example of Adobe Premium.

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere, a powerful video editor used for film, television and now web platforms like YouTube. A large number of tools for video and audio editing, as well as the implementation of effects define this tool.

But if we talk about mobile applications, it is important to talk about Adobe Premiere Clip , as this is the official Adobe application. Adobe premiere clip, has an automatic video editor and the function of creating videos from several photographs. Transitions, video clippings, filters and background music are some of the functions that this clever and simple video editor offers us.

Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro, the revolutionary editing tool for our mobile devices. With an approach made for better performance and organization of our videos , it can be an ace up our sleeve to clearly and definitively improve the videos that will end up on our YouTube channel.

This program offers video, audio and color correction editing . It also has support for high-quality videos and a function adapted to iOS and Android devices. Export of the material and an intuitive interface that will help us to give that professional touch to the final result of our videos when they are ready for our channel.

Vegas Pro

Vegas pro is a professional type editor that we can use for our YouTube videos. A type of editor suitable for high-resolution videos and a work panel adapted to correct color, special effects to implement and audio editing. With vegas pro, we will be able to edit from a range of special effects such as mesh warping, slow motion and creative composition.

What are the best editors for Windows PC that I can download?

Windows has a good number of programs that we can install for this type of work. And it is that the video editing from our Windows computer will allow us to manipulate heavier material . and at the same time browse through a list of tools that are broader than those we have on our Android device. Because of this, we can list 3 programs for our computer to start editing our YouTube video.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a beginner-friendly video editor for this editing task. It is a good option for us, since it is free for the general public. The program will help us to modify the color of the video and add subtitles. In addition to that, we can create audiovisual material by joining our best photographs and the music we want. If we don’t have it, we can download windows movie maker for our windows and start.

Windows Movie Maker will be able to edit our material on YouTube . But despite its free service and the ease it gives us to edit videos. This application stopped being updated since 2016, being a bit obsolete compared to the other editing tools that we have mentioned above. But if you want to get started and learn about editing, this is a good option.

Blender Video Editor

The editing tool Blender , offers not only Windows but also Mac a great video editor. The functions that come with this program range from cutting and dividing a video area. Masking and color editing, as well as shading. The Blender video editor despite its simple interface, brings with it the ability to edit the timeline and add various item type files to the video.

These include photos, shapes and audio, including background music and other sounds. But, although it has very good compatibility, some prefer something a little more complete than this editor. Well, despite its advantages, its management of video layers is not very intuitive in this particular.


The professional version that Wondershare filmora offers us , a powerful video editor that has an extensive list of tools that will help us improve the quality of our video. It offers us a free trial version, with which we can access most of the features that filmoraPro brings.

Option to edit video, audio and animations are listed among the features of this program. Improved resolution and brightness of edited video. A great feature is the reduction of noise in the audio of the video without the need to degrade the quality of the video. If this is the editor we want, we can activate filmora permanently to have it in our list of favorite programs.

What programs can I use to edit a video from my Mac?

For those users who prefer to use Mac computers , there are also specialized video editing programs. Which we can use for our YouTube videos. Perhaps for this we can choose between some of the following three that will be below.


We open the list with Lightworks, an editor suitable for the Mac operating system. Which is characterized by its speed and flexibility when working with it, but despite its ease of use, we can find it intimidating to start with. From cutting or adding audios to our video, color correction and management of the timeline of the audio visual material. Lightworks brings with it a solution when it comes to editing our videos for our YouTube channel.


If you are a Mac user, you may have already seen the iMovie program on your computer, which is usually integrated into them as normal. Among the versions of this program we can get iMovie, iMovie 11. Among the functions are audio editing, step-by-step effects, use of animated subtitles and approximately ten filters to place on our YouTube videos.

The disadvantages of this program range from low compatibility with video formats , low storage capacity and maybe we want to have a more extensive knowledge of editing when using the green screen. But being a free video editor we will have enough time to learn how to edit from our Mac computer.

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Now if we talk about video editors for beginners, we can choose Wondershare Filmora. This option for our Mac computer has enough tools with which our videos can be completely edited. From basic to professional options, cut and add video sections, manipulate and export 4k quality videos.

Wondershare Filmora has a split screen effect and more than 30 filters that we can apply. Zoom options, changes in playback speed, use of green screen and an easy-to-use and very flexible interface will allow us to give our best when editing the material that we will upload to our YouTube channel.

Pinnacle Studio 19

If we talk about compatibility and ease of editing in our material, we can easily talk about Pinnacle Studio 19. And this application for Mac offers us a great tool with good effects and ways to organize them in folders within the program. The adaptability in terms of formats will make it easy for us to handle any type of video without having to worry about the quality we handle.

Like Wondershare, it has tools for both beginners and advanced in the field of video editing . Color and sound correction tools, blur function and manipulation of 3D and 4K material. But despite not being able to be used to record from the application, it makes up for it with its intelligent interface to correct the quality of the material we handle.

Final cut pro

Final Cut pro ranks among the professional-type video editors , however, this doesn’t separate it from the YouTube platform. Well, many youtubers include them in the edition of the content used in their channels. It has an extensive list of content quality improvement and editing tools. If you use a Mac operating system and want to get a good tool that does not need others to complement it, Final Cut is a good choice.


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