LinkedIn InMail vs LinkedIn Messages Which is better? Differences

Linkedin is the social network of professionals where you can make your skills known and undertake new jobs or projects, this great platform is one of the best known to find a job online .

If you are a person with large projects then on this platform you can offer job offers in order to find all those professionals who can contribute to your projects, it is important to always maintain active communication.

There are two ways to communicate with your colleagues on this platform, either by InMail or normal Linkedin messages. If you don’t know what private InMail messages are and how it works, you should find information on that subject.

But do not worry because here in discover how to do it we will show you what is the difference between LinkedIn InMail vs LinkedIn Messages so that you can choose which one suits you and choose the one that best suits your needs.


  • What is LinkedIn InMail
  • What is LinkedIn Messages?
  • How is LinkedIn InMail and LinkedIn Messages different?
  • Which is better LinkedIn InMail and LinkedIn Messages

What is LinkedIn InMail

LinkedIn InMail is about sending messages to any contact, that is, to other members , it is important to know that if your account is free or basic then this LinkedIn InMail service will be quite limited since people will be limited to sending private messages.

But don’t worry, you just have to level up your account and you will be able to use this service in its entirety , once this has been done to be able to send a LinkedIn InMail message you only have to go to the profile of the other LinkedIn member to whom you want to direct the message.

Then you click where it says ” Message ” found in the “introduction” part, then a window will appear where you can write an issue, although this field is not mandatory but optional is your preference, but we always recommend writing a subject since all these processes are in the professional field.

Then you proceed to write your personal message in the text box if they are very trusted friends then you will not have a problem with this but if you need to send a message regarding a professional job as a recommendation, you must have knowledge of what they are and how to do them. recommendations .

What is LinkedIn Messages?

LinkedIn Messages consists of sending messages to LinkedIn members, but only those who have been added to a group of contacts on this platform can only send free messages to those that you have added to your first degree contacts.

Likewise, you can also send messages to colleagues in the groups to which you belong directly from the pages of these groups and to send a Linkedin message you normally only have to.

Go to the message section of your profile, which will be the same as a text message from your mobile, that is, a space will appear in which you can write or write your message and in turn search for the contact or colleague to whom you want to send the message. , you have at your disposal to send up to 50 people that message at the same time.

How is LinkedIn InMail and LinkedIn Messages different?

The difference is very simple in LinkedIn InMail you can send an example email message like a Gmail message and also with an advanced account you can send to any Linkedin member from that person’s profile.

On the other hand, in LinkedIn Messages you can only send messages to the people you have added, that is, to your contacts or colleagues with whom they share a group and another difference is that you can manage and administer LinkedIn messages according to the options provided by this incredible platform of professionals.

Which is better LinkedIn InMail and LinkedIn Messages

It is very difficult to choose which is the best option since these two services are important according to the function you need for that moment, for example if you want to contact a stranger then you can count on LinkedIn InMail.

Obviously having a Premium account, although at the time you will be able to unsubscribe from a Premium account after contacting the stranger and telling him to accept you as a contact and thus send normal messages from your profile to your contacts then if they ask you which one is better the answer will always be both services are good. Successes!

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