How to use the Alexa Shopping List

What the Alexa smart devices propose is to try to simplify our life by helping us in everyday life and for this reason that Amazon’s voice assistant has been set up to manage the Alexa shopping list . Haven’t you ever cared about alexa lists? You’re wrong, you have no idea how useful they can be.

While you are at home or out and about and you can think of something to buy then you can add it to the list and once you go to the supermarket with the list at hand you will not forget to buy anything. Are you in the bathroom and have you noticed that the soap is almost gone? Just say “Alexa add soap to the shopping list” and that’s it!

To show you how useful the Alexa shopping list can be, in this article I will explain how alexa lists work and in particular how to get help with shopping. So, enough with the useless preambles and let’s get straight to the point


  • Using the Alexa Shopping List
    • Add products to the shopping list
    • Tick ​​purchased products from the shopping list
    • Empty the shopping list
    • Share the shopping list

Using the Alexa Shopping List

Amazon provides us with alexa lists that we can define as a sort of virtual notebook in which it is possible to insert and delete elements. The Alexa Shopping List is an alexa list that you can use to add products to buy with your shopping.

I anticipate that to manage the Alexa shopping list you can both use voice commands and the Alexa app directly from your smartphone so you will be completely free to edit it wherever you are.

The idea is simple but effective; add products to the list and when you are at the supermarket read the list and check the products purchased.

Add products to the shopping list

When you are at home and you notice that a product is finished or is about to end, just say “Alexa, add (product name) to the shopping list”. If you are on the go and want to add a product to your shopping list, you can use the Alexa app.

To add items to the shopping list with the alexa app, simply open the app and press the button in the center with the Alexa symbol to activate the voice assistant and then say “add (product name) to the shopping list “.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use a voice command, from the Alexa app you can also write articles to add to the Alexa list. In this case, press the More button at the bottom right and on the next screen select the item Lists and notes . Choose the item Expense to open the contents of the shopping list. From here, click on Add item and write the name of the product you want to add to the alexa list.

Tick ​​purchased products from the shopping list

When you go to the supermarket, take your smartphone with you and open the Alexa app, press the More button at the bottom right and on the next screen select the item Lists and notes . Choose the item Expense . At this point you will see all the products in the Alexa shopping list and you can start shopping. Just press on the square next to the product to check it as completed so as you go shopping you will see the products decrease from the Alexa shopping list. Convenient isn’t it?

Empty the shopping list

When you check an item from the shopping list you hide it (bringing it to the Completed section but you do not delete it completely. To empty the Alexa shopping list, open the Alexa app, press the More button at the bottom right and on the next screen select the item Lists and notes Select the item Expense at this point press the key on the top right with the symbol of 3 dots and in the menu that will be displayed select the word Cancel completed .

Share the shopping list

You can share all alexa lists. If instead you will be someone else going shopping, from the alexa app open the shopping list and press the button at the top with the word Share or then select the way to send the shopping list, for example via whatsapp or email .

So in conclusion the function for  Alexa Shopping Listit will help you not to forget more products to buy at the supermarket. The old slips are out of date, now you can use the Alexa Shopping List directly from your smartphone.

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