10 best shared shopping list apps

Are you looking for the best apps to make a shopping list and share it? Here is a guide to help you better manage your shopping at the supermarket.

Going to the supermarket with a precise and clear list of what you want to buy saves time, money and above all avoids buying unnecessary products. How many times have you written things to buy by hand on a note or post it and then realized you forgot it at home or lost it? Today thanks to technology it is possible to have shopping apps that help not only to better manage your shopping list but also to share your lists with whoever you want , this also to have an overall idea of ​​the cost you will incur or that you claimed after the purchase.


  • Shared shopping list app
    • Bring (Android, iOS)
    • Listonic (Android, iOS)
    • Out of Milk (Android, iOS)
    • AnyList (Android, iOS)
    • ListOn (Android)
    • Our Groceries Shopping List (Android, iOS)
    • Mealime (Android, iOS)
    • Todoist (Android, iOS)
    • Cozi Family Organizer (Android, iOS)
    • Where It’s Convenient (Android, iOS)

Shared shopping list app

The apps for making the shared shopping list in this list will help you organize yourself better and buy in a measured way and without any possibility of forgetting the products you had in mind to buy. Very often we forget the shopping list at home, now when you enter the supermarket you will no longer have to fear anything!

1. Bring (Android, iOS)

Bring is an Android and iOS app that can plan, manage, sync and share your shopping list quickly and easily. If you love organizing your shopping at the supermarket, this app allows you to add items by creating custom icons . All lists you create are shareable, and the built- in Inspiration tab lets you browse various types of recipes, if you’re just at a loss for what to cook for lunch or dinner. The advantage of Bring is that it also helps manage your lists from Apple Watch and Siri by asking it to add items to your list.

2. Listonic (Android, iOS)

If you want to save time and money, it’s possible with Listonic . It is an app available for Android and iOS that is very useful for organizing the shopping list in the best possible way. Not only is it easy and intuitive but it allows you to share your daily shopping lists with other users, for example with a family member, so that they can check the products you are buying. The choice of adding notes , details and putting photos of the product you want to buy to make recognition easier is very convenient.

3. Out of Milk (Android, iOS)

The best feature of the Out of Milk app is the ability to scan barcodes . This will allow you to automatically add the scanned products to a list, without the need for typing, saving you time. Available for Android and iOS , Out of Milk also allows you to create a shopping list with the things you need right now and a pantry list with things to buy when they go on sale. Attention: it is not available for all devices.

4. AnyList (Android, iOS)

If you’re looking for an app for Android and iOS that gives you the option to include photos of what’s on the list as well as a shopping list, AnyList is perfect. You can organize your shopping based on where the items are in the store and have a huge database of items already in the app to add quickly with a single tap. There is also the possibility of inserting notes to individual elements to share them with whoever you want and to consult the integrated recipe archive. It is compatible with Alexa .

5. ListOn (Android)

Among the best applications to share the shopping list, it should certainly be counted: ListOn . Simple, fast and intuitive, you can be customized to keep multiple lists for different stores at the same time . It is available in both paid and free versions. The latter has two viewing modes and allows you to: enter quantities, prices and share your shopping list via WhatsApp , SMS and e-mail . It is only available for Android .

6. Our Groceries Shopping List (Android, iOS)

Another easy-to-use app is Our Groceries Shopping List . Compatible with Android and iOS , it’s perfect for making a shopping list to share with family members in real time. Users can synchronize multiple checklists and add items even during the checkout process . You can also upload a recipe with the list of ingredients useful for shopping lists. It allows you to attach a bar code but you cannot use this feature when creating the shopping list and when checking off when you pick up the product. You can use Our Groceries Shopping List for both hypermarkets and pharmacies.

7. Mealime (Android, iOS)

Mealime is a perfect weekly menu and shopping list app . Available for Android and iOS , it allows you to add custom recipes based on dietary restrictions and even food preferences to create your own weekly menu. It includes an integrated tool that allows users to have nutritional information available for each recipe and a smart built-in shopping list function based on your meal plan. By creating a new meal plan, the app will generate your shopping list automatically proposing the ingredients you’ll need for the week. For more info also read our guide on the best app for weight loss .

8. Todoist (Android, iOS)

Among the apps to write the shopping list, Todoist should be mentioned . It’s an app for Android and iOS that you can adapt to list things to do, such as the shopping list, and any collaborative activities. With Todoist, you can customize themes and enjoy some built-in animations. You can set deadlines and receive reminders, or set tasks to repeat. It is available in a Free or Premium version at a cost of $2.42/month.

9. Cozi Family Organizer (Android, iOS)

Cozi Family Organizer not only allows you to add foods to a list shared with other family members, but can be considered a real calendar app where you can keep track of all your commitments, as well as an e-mail reminder for important events . With Cozi Family Organizer you can better organize your shopping, household chores and much more while keeping everything synchronized and updated in real time. Overall this is an all-in-one essential organizational app for modern families on the go. You can download it on both Android and iOS .

10. Where It’s Convenient (Android, iOS)

The Dove Conviene app is not an app to allow you to manage the shopping list, but we thought it wise to include it in this list thanks to its geolocation system that will allow you to browse the many leaflets from the supermarkets in your area offers available. Along with loyalty card apps , this application, for Android and iOS , can be a great solution to help you save money by finding deals nearby.

Other interesting and equally valid Android shopping list apps are: SpesaRapida , in which you can create automatically sorted shopping tickets based on the departments of your usual supermarket, and Voice input shopping list , which allows you to create shopping lists under dictation.


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