How to connect Philips bulb to Alexa

Have you just bought a Philips Hue smart bulb or are you considering buying it but still don’t know how to connect Philips Hue bulb to Alexa? No problem, in this guide I will explain how to pair these fantastic bulbs with your device. But enough of useless preambles and we immediately move on to the topic of the speech


  • Connect Philips bulb to Alexa
    • Pair Philips bulb with Alexa
    • Reset Philips light bulb to Alexa

Connect Philips bulb to Alexa

Before seeing how to add Philips bulbs to Alexa we need to make a small premise; Philips smart bulbs use the zigbee protocol to connect to Alexa, and not all Alexa devices have a built-in zigbee hub. If you are trying to connect philips bulbs to a 10 inch echo show device, an echo plus or a 4th generation echo then you will have no problems because they are equipped with a zigbee hub; otherwise you will necessarily have to buy a separate zigbee hub and everything will become more complicated and expensive.

Pair Philips bulb with Alexa

To connect Philips bulb to Alexa you will need to use the Alexa app. First connect the Philips bulb and make sure it is on.

Then open the Alexa app from your smartphone and press the devices button   in the bottom bar of the screen. At this point, press the key with the + symbol at the top right and in the menu that opens, select the Add device item  ; on the next screen select  Bulb  as the device type from the device list.

In the next screen you will need to specify the brand of the bulb; select the Philips Hue brand; a new window will open from which you will have to press the  Find devices button  and Alexa will start searching for new devices, the operation will last about 45 seconds and when the light bulb is associated you will see it flash. If the bulb is not detected, try resetting the bulb

Once the Philips bulb has been detected, you can complete the procedure to connect Alexa to the lights by simply selecting the room where the bulb is located and pressing the Add to group button   and then pressing the Done button  .

The procedure for adding Philips bulbs to Alexa is now complete but it is advisable to assign a specific name to the bulb that will be useful when you turn it on with voice commands. To assign a name to the light bulb from the Alexa app, press the devices button   in the bottom bar of the screen and then press light bulbs. Then select the light bulb you want to change the name of and then press the settings button (the button with the symbol of a gear wheel).

The light bulb settings screen will open, from here press on the Edit name item    and enter the name you want to assign to the light bulb in the relevant box and when you are done press on the word Finish .

Now that the light bulb is connected, just say “ Alexa, turn on (light name)” to turn on the light bulb and “Alexa set the (light name) to 50” to set the brightness to half ”; the complete list of commands can be found in this guide.

Reset Philips light bulb to Alexa

Were you unable to add Philips bulbs to Alexa? Then you will have to perform a reset; connection settings for another device probably remain in the memory of the light bulb. To reset the Philips light bulb, after trying with the alexa ap to add Philips light bulbs to Alexa in vain, from the screen where it says No device detected press on the word Help to connect and in the next screen scroll down and press on the word RESETTA BULB PHILIPS HUE .

Now unscrew the philips bulb, write down the six-digit alphanumeric number at the base of the bulb and reconnect the bulb and make sure it is on. Then enter the number in the field at the top of the alexa app and click on Continue . Once done, you can try to connect the Philips bulb to Alexa again.

So in conclusion connecting Philips bulb to Alexa is really simple and requires a couple of operations from the Alexa app; if you have problems adding Philips bulbs to Alexa you will have to try to reset the bulb as described in this guide.

In this guide you will find instructions to connect any type of light bulb to an Alexa device while here you will find all the guides for Alexa.

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