How does Instagram Shopping work?

If you are an Instagram user, you have surely found some publications in which a point appeared on the image and, when you clicked on it, information about the product and a button would appear to take you to the web and buy it.

This is an Instagram option that if you have a presence on this social network and sell products you are interested in knowing and implementing now.

Do you have an online store and want to activate Instagram Shopping to be able to tag your products in your publications? Here is a guide to create your Instagram Shopping.CLICK TO TWEET

So, if this is your case and you still don’t have Instagram Shopping, I invite you to keep reading.

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What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram Shopping is an Instagram feature that allows brands to tag their products in their feed, stories, or reels .

This makes it easier for the user to buy that product that he is looking at and in which he is interested, since it allows showing a small information and taking the user to the sale page directly from Instagram.

How does Instagram Shopping work?

To explain how it works, I am going to separate it according to the person who is using it:

  • For your company : Instagram Shopping allows that, when uploading an image or video of your product, you can tag it to increase your sales.
  • For users : Instagram Shopping allows that, if you see content with a product that is interesting to you and you want to buy, you can click on the point that appears in the publication to see more information and that it takes you directly to the sale page to complete the purchasing process.

This is something very interesting because the user does not have to go to your profile, search your website, find the product and buy it, but can go directly to the product purchase page with just two clicks.

In this way, we shorten the process and prevent the user from getting lost along the way.

Requirements to use Instagram Shopping

In order to use Instagram Shopping you must meet some requirements:

  • Have your account configured as a company or creator profile .
  • Have a Facebook fan page and its catalog integrated into the page.
  • Have published a minimum of 9 previous publications .
  • Have downloaded the latest version of Instagram .
  • Your company must be in a permitted market .
  • Your business must offer a product that meets Instagram’s requirements .
  • Your business must adhere to the Instagram merchant agreement and its commerce policies .
  • Your business must own a website domain from which you want to sell items.

How to activate Instagram Shopping in your account?

If you meet the above requirements, you can create your Instagram Shopping.

To do this, you must first create your product catalog, if you have not yet created it, and then register in the ” Shopping on Instagram ” function to send your account for review.

How to create a product catalog?

In order to use Instagram Shopping you need to have a product catalog created.

If you don’t have it, let’s create it:

  • Enter the Commerce Manager on Facebook.
  • Click on ” Start ” and ” Create catalog .”
  • Select the type of inventory you sell and click next.
  • Choose the way to add articles : upload product information manually, with a data list or connect it with a partner platform.
  • Select your Business Manager account .
  • Enter the name of your catalog .
  • Click on ” Create .”

If you want to upload your articles from a data list , here is the link to know in what format you should upload it so that you can read it properly: Specifications and fields of data lists for catalogs .

How to activate the Shopping function on Instagram?

To do this you must access the Instagram app and:

  • Click on ” see panel for professionals ” and look for the option to ” configure Shopping on Instagram “.
  • Or enter your account settings, click on “Company” or “Creator” and select the last option ” configure Shopping on Instagram “.
  • You must click on start, link your Facebook account, connect a catalog, enter your website and submit for review .

When it is reviewed, Instagram will send you a notification.

How to tag your products in your publications?

In this case, you can tag your products in posts and stories, once Instagram has approved your Instagram Shopping.

To tag it in your post, tap on ” tag products ” when uploading a post to the app. Search and select the product and click ” done “.

To tag it in a story, you must add the product sticker. Search and select the product and click on ” publish “.

How to buy through Instagram Shopping?

If as a user you see a product that interests you and that is labeled (this is indicated by the icon of a bag in the upper right corner, if you are viewing the feed of an account), click on the point (or on the product sticker , in case you are watching a story) and a small information about the products that are tagged in that publication will be displayed .

If you click on the information, it will take you to a page where you can see more information about the article and that has a button to ” view on the website “. Clicking on this button will take you to the page from where you can buy that product.

You can also share or save that product from the icons that appear under the photo.

Tips for selling with Instagram Shopping

When your Instagram Shopping is approved, you can start tagging your products in the content you share on Instagram, so I’m going to give you some tips.

  • Create attractive content for your products to attract attention. Content that has good lighting, which highlights your product (or products) and shows the product well.
  • Take advantage of the description of the publication to add more information about the product, focusing on its benefits, but without looking like a robot that spits information.
  • Add calls to action in your publications incentivizing sales.
  • Do not limit yourself to labeling only your products in your publications , also use the stories and the product sticker.
  • Look for collaborators or affiliates to help you promote your products.
  • Remember to respond to comments and messages so that users know that if they have a problem someone from your team will help them.
  • Invest in Facebook and Instagram Ads to increase your results.
  • Intersperse sales posts with other types of posts (to generate engagement, fun, educational, etc.). Your Instagram account should not just be a showcase for your products, think what else you can contribute to your community.

And something very important, remember to always update your product catalog (if you do not have it connected to a partner platform) to reflect your new products and eliminate what you no longer have available.

5 examples of brands using Instagram Shopping

Sephora Spain

Sephora Spain shares content of its products mixed with more fun content or videos showing how to put on makeup.

Lovely Store Concept

Lovely Store Concept shares images of its products along with advice and inspirational quotes, all with a well-defined visual identity.


Ulanka shares images of its products along with different looks to inspire you and also motivational phrases, all with a very defined style.

Ikea Spain

The Ikea Spain account shares content about its products along with content that promotes its brand philosophy.

The English Court

El Corte Inglés shares content about their products and I was especially struck by the way they share and tag the books. You can see it in the hashtag # MondayDeLírica.


This tool that Instagram provides us is very interesting for all those who sell products or info-products, since it greatly facilitates the user experience, shortening the process that must be carried out from when they see an item that interests them and want to buy until they finally buy.

If you want to avoid getting lost in the middle of this process due to laziness or not finding the product you have seen, I recommend that you start using this tool now.

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