How To Translate Text And Images With Google Lens

The Google Lens app for Android devices now offers the possibility to translate content without having an internet connection. By downloading a language in advance, all you have to do is point your phone at the one you want to translate to understand what is written.

Many are already familiar with the Google Translate application, which offers several translation tools.

Whether it’s a conversation, a transcription or even using the camera .

In a trip to Asia a few years ago I used this function extensively to translate restaurant menus.

Another application in the ecosystem offers this function, namely Google Lens. An application, let us remember, which allows us, among other things, to identify objects, places, food, etc.

Just like Google Translate, it is possible on your Android device to download languages ​​beforehand on Googe Lens and therefore perform the translation without an internet connection.

Useful when you are traveling and do not want to use our mobile data!

For iPhone owners, note that the function is integrated into the Google Translate application.

Steps to upload a translation language to Google Lens

It is extremely easy to upload languages ​​to Google Lens. You just have to:

  1. Open Google Lens
  2. Slide to option: Translation
  3. Press the top label: Autodetection
  4. Download thedesired and available language

Once the French and the language we want to translate have been downloaded, we just have to point our phone at what we want to translate to see the result!

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