How to adjust the size of text and images in Google Chrome on Windows?

The versatility that search engines must have to give a good experience to users must cover a great variety, due to the number of users with different needs, an example may be this, that it is necessary to configure the text to change its size in the user’s view as well as for images as well. Either because it does not look good on the device being used or because you have a physical impairment.

In this topic we must always learn how to do it, and as you well know, even if it is the first time, you must learn to do it. Here we will show you how it is done and we will also explore the different ways that exist to adjust to your preference what will be the size of the text that is presented in the Google Chrome browser.

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  1. How can you set the size of the current Chrome page?
    1. Using your mouse
    2. With the keyboard command
    3. From the navigation bar
  2. What should you do to manage the size of certain websites in Google Chrome?
  3. How can you set the same ‘Zoom’ for all Chrome pages?

How can you set the size of the current Chrome page?

View configurations of the Web pages that we access by the search engine that is by far the best known, Google Chrome, which offers many advantages . It is like all the things that we can find that are related to the Web, they are always changing, they do not remain much as at the beginning, adding new options to the tools for their management and this is also the case.

In the navigation bar we get a way to change the size of the texts and images of the current page you are accessing, we can also do it through the use of the mouse, which amounts to a ‘shortcut’ for calling it Somehow, another way you can use to achieve that size adjustment is to use the keyboard command, which amounts to using two or more keys at the same time.

Using your mouse

In order to change the size of the text of the Web page using the mouse, it is essential that it has the scroll wheel , known for its use of moving up and down the page to access the information below. This in the case of Google Chrome will allow us to optimize the browser to make it more efficient.

Now we must use a combination between Ctrl + Sliding wheel , in this way we can “zoom in and out” the information you are seeing. For this you must have the cursor placed on the current page and by sliding the wheel from top to bottom you can adjust the magnification of the font and also of the images to your preference.

With the keyboard command

In order to change the font of the text on the page you are accessing through the keyboard we can use a shortcut to achieve it, this shortcut consists of using two or three keys simultaneously, now, first we must locate ourselves on the page in such a way that we are actively interacting with it, so that it is in the foreground of use and thus be able to use the procedure.

You must first press Ctrl, then you must press the + and  keys depending on what you want to do, if you zoom in or out, this will work to make the adjustment you are looking for.

From the navigation bar

To change the font size of the text and images from the same tools that Google Chrome offers us, we are going to follow this simple route to achieve it and thus make the change.

  • First we locate the three points on the top right.
  • Now in Size you will find the two symbols for + and -.
  • Make use of them to adjust according to preference.

What should you do to manage the size of certain websites in Google Chrome?

When we have Google Chrome installed , to leave a zoom or font size on a specific page and that every time we enter it it is configured with our calibration and not with the default, you must first do a procedure like the previous ones and then you go to the Chrome menu in the three dots on the top right.

  • You go into Settings.
  • Now in Advanced.
  • Then you click on Privacy and security.
  • At the bottom we find the option ‘Site Settings’.
  • And here you will find the Zoom levels.

In this last part you will get the zoom levels that you have changed and then we accept the changes. In this way every time you enter this page it will be with the size of your preference.

How can you set the same ‘Zoom’ for all Chrome pages?

Set the default zoom for all the pages you enter in the Google Chrome browser, you should know that there is an easy and fast way to personalize our browsing experience without having to configure all the time each time we visit a Web page.

  • Enter the Menu.
  • Then click Settings.
  • You select Aspect.
  • And now go to where it says Zoom on the page.

Here is a drop-down menu with the default zooms that we can choose so that all the pages look the same. Check that this works by visiting multiple pages in Google Chrome windows.

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