How to use Google Lens;5 Tips

Google often launches interesting projects , Google Lens is one of them, it has a lot of useful functions, but it is often unknown to most people who use mobile devices.
In this article we will see what Google Lens is, how it works and how to best use it.

To give you an idea immediately, Google Lens, is a smart camera app, capable of using the huge database of the Google search engine to recognize objects, products, buildings, animal and plant species and much more .

Since its launch in 2017, Google’s support for the project has never waned and new features are constantly being added.Often even those who use Google Lens do not know its full potential.In this in-depth study we will first explain how to install and launch Google Lens on Android devices, iPhones and iPads.Later we will see how Google Lens works by indicating what it is able to recognize thanks to a series of features, often little known, which will surely be very useful to you.


  • How to install Google Lens on Android
  • Use Google Lens on iPhone and iPad
  • The most interesting features of Google Lens
    • The most popular features of Google Lens
    • QRcode and barcode
    • Handwritten text
    • Read the reviews of the places you visit
    • Translate texts
    • Check the prices
    • Doing homework

How to install Google Lens on Android

If you have a recent Android smartphone, the features of Google Lens are already integrated into the camera app .
In this case, just press the button with its logo, characterized by a circular point in the center, surrounded by a quadrangular frame broken on three sides (you can see the logo in the figure).
At this point the camera will start using the service data and will give you access to the functions, it is understood that the device must be connected to the internet for the app to work properly and provide search results.

If you don’t have a shortcut in the camera app there is nothing to fear.
It takes a few simple taps to install the app, you simply need to go to the Google Lens page on the Play Store and press the ” Install ” button .

Once the installation is complete, you can start the app.
After starting it, you can choose whether to use the search function through the photos already taken or whether to search for the object framed with the camera.

The camera search has an interface that resembles that of the camera app, below are the various categories that Google Lens can analyze (” Translation “, ” Text “, ” Search “, ” Tasks “, ” Purchases “, ” Places “,“ Where to eat “).
Just frame an object and press the shutter button to get information about it.

Use Google Lens on iPhone and iPad

To use Google Lens on iPhone and iPad, compared to Android, the situation is different, it is not possible to access the service from the camera or download a special app.
On the iPhone, Google Lens is integrated into the Google app
 , to use the service just open the Google app and press the Google Lens logo, located next to the search bar.

Also in this case an interface will open that resembles that of the camera app, with which we could frame the subject to be subjected to the service and take the picture.
Also in this case you will be able to navigate between the categories, which are the same as those present in the Android app with the exception of ” Tasks “.

The most interesting features of Google Lens

After understanding how to install and start Google Lens, now let’s see what are the most interesting features of the service and how they work.

The most popular features of Google Lens

Here are some functions that everyone knows, which are also indicated while the app is being downloaded and therefore will not need their own in-depth paragraph.

Just point the camera and take the photo to get real-time information on:

  • plant;
  • animals;
  • monuments;

Let’s now focus on lesser known, but more advanced and useful functions.

QRcode and barcode

The QRcode recently have begun to forcefully part of our lives, wherever we meet them.

With Lens just frame a barcode, or a QRcode, and click to see it immediately recognized and have access to information .

Handwritten text

When writing a note by hand, you often expect to waste a lot of time having to type it on the keyboard. Today, if you have a fairly understandable handwriting and if the note has been written legibly, it may no longer be necessary.

Google Lens provides functionality similar to OCR programs and goes further, in fact Google Lens is able to recognize and convert handwritten text into scanned text.

Just frame the text with Google Lens and click on the ” Copy text ” button to have a virtual version, as if you had typed it, which you can then paste into a document or email.
In addition, you can choose ” Copy to Computer ” to be able to share the text with a PC running the Chrome browser.

Read the reviews of the places you visit

As mentioned, Google Lens allows you to identify points of interest and monuments directly by framing them .
Once you have framed a point of interest, for example a museum, thanks to the Google databases you will have information on opening hours, on the highlights of the collection and you will have access to reviews.

In the same way, thanks also to the data of our position, by framing a restaurant or business with Google Lens, it will be possible to know the reviews , and sometimes even book directly online .

Google Lens is precious to restaurants , as well as allowing, through the appropriate ” Where to eat ” tab , to easily find restaurants near us , by photographing the menu you can find out what the dishes are and what they contain.
Thanks to the intersection with Google Maps data, we will finally be informed about the best dishes.

Translate texts

Speaking of restaurants, when you are abroad it is not always easy to know what is on the menu .
Fortunately, Google Lens comes to the rescue also on this occasion thanks to the translation function that uses the Google Translate system , just press the “ Translate ” tab at the bottom and then take the photo.

The tool is equally useful when shooting in a foreign city (especially if you use an alphabet other than ours), or, for example, visiting a museum.

Google Lens is also very useful for learning a foreign language , as it allows you to see the meaning and translation of sentences or expressions almost instantly. In addition, you can decide to listen to one or more words to find out the pronunciation.

Check the prices

You want to go shopping, but does that garment or bag that you like so much seem overpriced to me? There is a very easy way to find out what their cost is online and if therefore the purchase in the store is convenient.

Just open the Lens camera, go to the “ Purchases ” category and take a photo of the garment, or of the object of our interest.
At this point the app will search online in all stores. So you can see if the same item is available at a better price elsewhere on the net.

Doing homework

This function is only available on Android, by launching the app and going to the ” Tasks ” section , we will be asked to frame the question or formula we want to have the answer or solution.

The Google app, combining text recognition technology, with its immense database is able to answer questions, or solve mathematical problems (or indicate a link where the solution is present).


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