Differences between Google Go and basic Google

Over time, mobile devices have fought a problem that affects low and mid-range models, and even high-end models if they have a very active life. We are from internal storage , which is consumed mostly by the data of all the different applications that we install on our mobiles.

In this article we will know another alternative to save both storage space and mobile data when searching on the internet, with Google Go. What is Google Go and what is it for? These are some of the questions that we will answer here, as well as talk about its outstanding characteristics and its difference with basic Google.


  • What is Google Go and what is it for?
  • Google Go features
  • Differences between Google Go and basic Google

What is Google Go and what is it for?

Google is a pioneer in the search for the best quality of service to its users, which is why it has designed a “light” version of its browser and called it Google Go. In this application we can surf the internet efficiently because it reduces data consumption by 40% using its Lite mode.

This app can be downloaded directly from Google Play , available for Android 4.3 or higher and in a reduced size. In other words, it is a low-storage, fast version that can be easily run on many devices. The latter is the main reason why Google launched Google Go, allowing many of its users to have a browser that gives them solutions.

In the same way, it works on devices with little RAM memory so that it does not freeze or slow down the operating system. Similarly, to load the pages quickly, you must dispense with all content that is not relevant in our search. Because of that, it consumes less data, using only basic loads.

Google offers several interesting services that allow its users to have better interactions with their devices. Even for entrepreneurs there is Google Adwords , with which they can advertise online easily and quickly, according to all budgets.

Google Go features

When we refer to Google Go we are talking about a mobile browser that does not have functions other than the Google application itself . However, this is so for several reasons, offering specific advantages in contrast to its functional disadvantages.

With Google Go we can load web pages faster, taking from 10 seconds to 5 seconds to have the page ready to be seen. On the other hand, it does not have an important Google add-on, which is Google Lens. This is in order to be able to offer a smaller application .

In the same way, the data saved when loading a page with Google Go is greater, allowing us to accumulate less cache and save storage space in the same way. However, it should be noted that it does not have the same user experience as it would be with basic Google.

Differences between Google Go and basic Google

Mainly, Go does not use Google Lens which means that it does not have a helper when performing a search . And just like this one, many other add-ons are not supported by Google Go so it offers fewer action options. Seen in another way, the design of the basic search engine is more robust than that of Go, since it seeks to be able to be supported by devices with little RAM.

On the other hand, Google Go offers a lower consumption of mobile data when loading a page, both because it only loads what is necessary as well as because it has a Lite mode that reduces consumption to a minimum. However, this can mean that the pages load strangely, albeit quickly.

One way to get the most out of Google Go is by synchronizing your Gmail email to the application to have better personalization on all our devices. In addition to trying to keep the cache clean to avoid accumulating unnecessary storage.

In order to synchronize, you must know how to log into your Google account so that you can confirm that your devices share information. I hope you found this information interesting, and that you start using Google Go, don’t forget to share, until next time!


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