How to use the search and reference functions in Excel

From a decade ago until today, there has been a progressive change in relation to the way we work, especially with office jobs, where everything has been digitized to the point where it is no longer absolutely necessary to have a face-to-face work to manage quietly within society.

Specifically, through the official Office tools package , which has a wide variety of programs for the creation of all kinds of text documents and spreadsheets, being easy to use within a simple platform with all kinds of functions. to use them freely or through preset templates.

With this particular article, we will focus on a single tool from the Office suite, Microsoft Excel, the main tool for creating spreadsheets today where it is possible to export and import any type of format in Excel easily to adapt to your needs without any problem, saving man hours in the process.

Being one of the main tools to guarantee job success within a company or own business, ensuring optimal management of it through all kinds of tools and making an agenda in Excel , so that you can keep an exact control of any sector of your business.

Through Microsoft Excel it is possible to perform all kinds of mathematical, numerical and alphanumeric operations with all kinds of formulas available to the user in a matter of seconds. And not only that, it also offers the possibility of inserting an image in Excel into a cell or with a formula easily , it is all a matter of dedicating time to the application to learn from it.

For all the previously mentioned reasons, learning to work in Microsoft Excel has become essential today to open the doors to the world of work, within any area, since this tool is used within all possible environments. With that in mind, today we are going to show you how to use the search and reference functions in Excel.


  • Search and reference functions in Microsoft Excel
  • Other search and reference functions in Microsoft Excel

Search and reference functions in Microsoft Excel

The search and reference functions in Excel are used to locate certain values ​​within it according to the search criteria previously established. Allowing, in turn, to locate referential information on one or several predetermined cells.

In this way, the search and reference functions are entered just like any formula, entering the command and determining the cells where they will be applied. Currently there is a great variety of formulas for search and reference, below we will mention the most important ones.

  • AREAS:To return the number of areas within a predetermined reference, that is, the number of contiguous cells or just a particular cell.
  • SEARCH:To locate values ​​of a predetermined range within a specific column, row or matrix.
  • VLOOKUP:To determine a value within a data range, when the fields are columns.

Other search and reference functions in Microsoft Excel

As we mentioned earlier, Microsoft Excel has a wide range of formulas to apply within a dedicated spreadsheet specifically for search and reference functions.

  • HLOOKUP:Used to locate within the first row of a table and return the value within a column of a predetermined row.
  • MATCH: Itworks to return the position of a value within an array, so that it matches the value given in a previously chosen order.
  • COLUMN:To return the number of a column within a specified reference or array.
  • COLUMNS:To return the number of several columns within a reference or matrix.
  • ADDRESS: Itworks to create a cell reference with text, choosing the delimited row and column numbers.
  • CHOOSE:To select a value within a list of values ​​according to the index number it has.
  • ROW:To return the number of a row within a specific reference or matrix.
  • ROWS:To return the number of several rows within a reference or predetermined matrix.


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