How to make an income and expense control sheet with templates in Excel?

Having control of money, both the one that comes in and the one that goes out, is a very important task to be able to manage the finances of a company, a family and even a single person. This can be done by hand, using expensive programs or taking advantage of all the tools that we have available on our computer.

In this article we will teach you how to make an income and expenses control sheet in Excel using the pre-designed templates that we can get with this program. In the same way, we will explain how you can make the control sheet step by step without using templates, in case you want to.


  • How to make an income and expense control sheet with templates in Excel?
  • How to make an income and expense control sheet step by step in Excel?

How to make an income and expense control sheet with templates in Excel?

The use of templates in Excel is increasingly a mandatory necessity, either because they save time as well as allow working from a base design. With them, we can make many functional programs for any specific case.

We just have to follow the following steps to make a control sheet in Excel using only templates:

  • We will enter the Excel program, where we will press the “New”button found in the sidebar.
  • At this time, we can search for the different templates available. It is important that we have an internet connection because that way we can see the different categories.
  • We will look at the “Budgets”section and click on it.
  • We will find a variety of templates that we can review by clicking “Preview”.
  • We will choose the template that seems best to us, and that’s it!

From this moment on, the next thing we will have to do is explore the template we have selected to learn about the different formulas and functions it uses. Likewise, we can add the details we want in addition to filling in the corresponding cells.

In the same way as you can make a financial control sheet, we can also make a calendar where we can write down appointments and notes . This says a lot about the versatility of Excel templates .

How to make an income and expense control sheet step by step in Excel?

  • We will open Microsoft Excel, where we will create a “Blank Book”.
  • We will place the title of the sheet in the first cell. Next, we will leave a space cell and in the next three we will write Income, Expenses and Balance.
  • We will rename the sheet as “Main Page”by right clicking on the sheet tab and selecting “Rename” .
  • Continuing, we will create a new sheet that we will name “Income”.
  • The next thing is to fill in all the cells with the data of the money that we enter per month.
  • Using the function “= SUM ()” we willselect all the cells that have the data of your monthly income. We will copy the result with “Ctrl + C” .
  • At this moment, we will go to the “Main page”sheet and we will make special paste in the cell of the corresponding month. We will have to press “Ctrl + Alt + V” to be able to do it, choosing “Paste links” .
  • Now, we will create a new sheet that we will name as “Expenses”. We will repeat the previous steps.
  • For this part of the sheet, we can create several categories that we consider pertinent that should be on the expense sheet. These can be rent, transportation, food, debt, entertainment, among others.
  • We will have to enter a subtotal per category, which we will add at the end to generate the fixed expenses for the month.
  • Once all the subtotals have been entered, we will go to the lower end to place the total. We will have to write in a cell “= SUM ()”where we will have to select each cell with each subtotal. We can do this by holding down the “Ctrl” key .
  • We copy and paste this value in the “Main page”sheet .
  • Finally, in the “Balance”box we will have to make a subtraction of values. These will be the income minus the expenses. This is done simply by typing in the cell “= B1-B2” . In this case the cells must be the corresponding ones.

Another way to give your control sheet more detail and precision is to apply conditional formatting in Excel cells . That way we will have a better presentation of the data .

The tools that Excel provides to perform complex calculations are of great help, we can even calculate the sale price of a product so that we have  total control over costs .


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